DREAMING AWAKE - Announces Tours With Convulsions and Curses

SELFMACHINE - Release New Album And Video

KLARKS - Release Debut Video

PHEDORA - Release Cover Video Of Linkin Park's "Heavy"

THRONE TO THE WOLVES - Release New Video

PALISADES - Drop New Video "Let Down"

FALLING IN REVERSE - Release New Song "Broken"

SYLAR - Release New Video "Soul Addiction"

VICTORY HEIGHTS - Sign Management Deal With FM Entertainment

WE RIDE - Deliver New Cut Featuring JJ Peters Of Deez Nuts

BLOOD YOUTH - Release Single "I Remember"

LAKESHORE - Ex-Emmure Tease One Of Their Heaviest Tracks "Kings"

ANNISOKAY - Release New Video And Announce EU Tour

HALF BLOOD - Release Official Lyric Video For "El Origen"

NINE SHRINES - Ex-Attack Attack! Drop Debut Video "King Of Misery"

NORTHLANE - Drop New Video "Citizen"


AFTER THE BURIAL - Carry The Flame Tour Video Update #3

JINJER - Release Live Session Video

EMMURE - Carry The Flame Tour Video Update #3

FAME ON FIRE - Cover Linkin Park's "Heavy"

LOATHE - Release New Video

CAPTURE - (Ex- Capture The Crown) Hit Us With New Single

WAGE WAR - Release New Video "Stitch"

KINGDOM OF GIANTS - Release Second Single