SAVING VICE - Release New Video "Echoes From The Gutter"

GODSFARM - Unleash New Single "Lords In Collision"

HE IS LEGEND - in The New DTB’s Series “Tour Tips (Top 5)”

EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO - Release Drum Cover Video of Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed"

AUGUST BURNS RED – Release Drum Playthrough Video "Bones"

SKELETAL REMAINS – Release New Video "Dissectasy"

NEVER PREY - Share Video For New Single "ТОЗИ СВЯТ (THIS WORLD)"

SEEK HARBOUR - Release New Single "Sleepless Water" (Feat. Tom Byrne)

SHREDDERS REVENGE - Unleash Debut Single "Sewer Scum" (FT. Diogo Santana)

IMPERO - Drop Debut Single "The Malevolent Conception"

TRIVIUM - Streamed "The Deepest Cuts" Full Show

ESKIMO CALLBOY - Release The Making Of Music Video "Hate/Love"

THE PINE DRAPE - Stream New EP "Demon"

AWAKEN - Release New Single and Video "Behemoth"

H2OCEAN - Reveals "The Horned Goddess" Album Release Date & Unleashes The 2nd Lyric Video

VESSEL OF LIGHT - Release "Last Ride" Video

LIL’GRIN - New Video Released for “Digital Hater”

DYSTHYMIA - Drop New Single "Sinister"

YOSEMITE IN BLACK - Release Lyric Video "Deep South Hate"

THE DOWNSTAIRS ROOM - Release New Single "Can I Stay"

IMPERIOUS VISION - Release New Video "Ignatius

A CROW'S MURDER - Release New Single Video "In My Skin"

VYLETONGUE - Unveil Video For New Single "Dependent"

TALLAH - Release Vocal Video "Overconfidence"

PRISON - Share Video For New Single "You and Me and the Devil"

DEVIL IN THE DETAILS - Reveal Video For New Single "Well Spent"

SORROWEAVER - Drop New Single "Spitting Venom" Ft. Justin Johnson of Gift Giver

EVANESCENCE - Release New Video "Use My Voice"

I PREVAIL - Reveal New Video "Every Time You Leave" Feat. Delaney Jane

KATAKLYSM - Release Video For New Single "Underneath The Scars"

IN FLAMES - Release New Video "Only For The Weak" (Re-Recorded)

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS - Release Video For New Single "Cyr"

WINTER HOTEL - Drop New Single "Waste"

FRAGMENTS - Release New Single Video "Afterlife"

INSIDIOUS DISEASE - Release New Single "Betrayer"

SAFEHAVEN - Share Video For New Single "Fade"

GHØSTKID - Release New Single Video "SUPERNØVA" Feat. Marcus Bischoff of Heaven Shall Burn

DEMATERIALIZE - Drop New Single "Summer" (Ft. Notions)

CONQUER DIVIDE - Watch The Band Reading Mean Tweets For 15 Minutes Straight

FIT FOR A KING - Drop New Single "Annihilation"

ALPHA WOLF - Share Eight Studio Video Update

METALLICA - Release Live Video "No Leaf Clover" From S&M 2

EVERYTHING IN SLOW MOTION - Reveal New Single "Influence" (feat. Aaron Stone of My Epic)

VOLATILE WAYS - Stream New EP "Condemned To Life, Burdened To Death"

DYING WISH - Release New Single Video "Innate Thirst"

KARMA - Drop New Single Video "Fully Sic"

THE JASTA SHOW - Legendary Metal Producer Ross Robinson Guest In The New Podcast (VIDEO)

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Watch Throwback Thursday Stream, DVD "Majesty" Streamed In Its Entirety!

BRAND OF SACRIFICE - In The New DTB’s Series “Tour Tips (Top 5)”

MONUMENTAL DISCHARGE - Unveil New Single Video "Abstract Shitstain"

DOWN AGAIN - Release New Single Video "Actions & Their Consequences"

DEPRAVED WILL - Drop New Single "Cycle Of Fear"

DREAMING AWAKE - Share New Single "Its Winter, Paul! Get Inside"

MARKED; LIFE - Release New Single Video "Alone Art"

ERRA - Is Back With New Single Video "Snowblood"

KILL THE LIGHTS - Watch Livestream Event "The Sinner"

CURRENTS - Watch Track By Track With Brian For New Album "The Way It Ends"

MOMENT OF MADNESS - Present Video For Linkin Park Cover "In The End"

BABIRUSA - Stream New Album "Humanoid" With Lyric Video

THE WORD ALIVE - Watch Live Drum Cam "Like Father Like Son"

INFERI - Share New Single "Aeons Torn"

ASTERION - Unleash New Lyric Video "As They Lay Gutted"

RUFUS MANN - Release Bass Cover Video of Dayseeker's "Sleeptalk"

SEPULTURA - Release Live Quarantine Version Video "Vandals Nest" (Feat. Alex Skolnick of Testament)

EXIST - Release Lyric Video "Infinite Monkey Theorem"

СЛОТ - Release Home Video For "Нет"

DEAD REYNOLDS - Reveal Video For New Single "PS (I Loathe You)"

ERIC FRANCIS - Stream Quarantine-Made LP "Under A Fake Sky"

REBELMATIC - Stream Debut LP "Ghost In The Shadows"