MAKE WAY FOR MAN - Release New Single "MVP"

FAME ON FIRE - Release New Single Video "Down"

BEARTOOTH - In The Studio On Album 4 With Caleb Shomo (VIDEO)

IN FLAMES - Björn Gelotte Favorite Song on "Clayman" (VIDEO)

PERIPHERY - Release Guitar Playthough Video "Sentient Glow"

TRIVIUM - Matt Heafy On New Side Project & A Light Or A Distant Mirror Stream Excitemen (VIDEO)

DEFTONES - The Art Of White Pony With Art Director Frank Maddocks (VIDEO)

DEATHWHITE - Release Lyric Video "Among Us"

PLANETKILLER - Share New Single "Become None"

SYLOSIS/ARCHITECTS - Josh Middleton About New Sylosis and Architects

KATALEPSY - Premiere New Track "No Rest No Peace"

ARABELA MEDINA - Release Guitar Cover Video of Miss May I "Hey Mister"

ORCA - Release New Single ‘Spirit Breaker’

SEETHER - Release New Video "Dangerous"

METALLICA - Watch "Nothing Else Matters" In The Medieval Style

TOBINES - Release Bring Me The Horizon's Drum Cover "Parasite Eve"

NORDEND - About To Release New Album "Gegenwind"

XENOBIOTIC - Release Karaoke Edition Video For "Acedia"

METALLICA - Release Full Show "Live in Bogotá, Colombia - May 2, 1999"

YEAR OF THE KNIFE - Release New Song "Manipulation Artist"

CYCLE OF ABUSE - Stream New Self-Titled EP

SLIT YOUR GODS - Share New Single "Cult Of Supreme Blasphemy"

TESSERACT - Watch Daniel Tompkins Live Vocal Performance 2020 For "Orbital & Juno"

innerspace - Present New Single "Eastern Sky"

DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY - Release Live For For New Single "This Is War"

SAVING VICE - Release New Video "Never Knows Best (Piano Reprise) Feat. Misstiq"

HUMANITY'S LAST BREATH - Releasee Guitar Playthrough Video "Earthless"

INSANITY - Release New Video "Save Me"

LUCRECIA - Shares Extensive Studio Video Update

KILL THE KONG - Release New Video "Red Alert"

RUFUS MANN - Release Bass Cover Video of Slipknot's "My Plague"

FALLEN CHORD - Release Video Fro New Single "Hate"

AESAREAN - Bring The Heavy With New Single “Surgeon’s Oath”

MEYTAL COHEN - Release Limp Bizkit Drum Cover "My Way"

VIOLET ORLANDI - Release Cover Of Bullet For My Valentine's "Tears Don't Fall" (Feat. Lauren Babic)

CJ McCreery - Ex-Lorna Shore Frontman Released Official Statement With The Video

ONE LAST DAYBREAK - Release New Video "Like Father, Like None"

CHRISTINA ROTONDO - Released Cover Of Dayseeker's "Sleeptalk"

IMMERSE - Reveal Video For New Single "Here's Hoping"

METAL IN PUBLIC - Watch How People React To Killswitch Engage

BLEED FROM WITHIN - Release Third Episode Of The 'Fracture' Tapes - What's Behind "Fall Away"?

GOREBRINGER - Unleash New Video "Rivers Of Blood"

ATREYU - In The New DTB’s Series “Tour Pranks”

SEASONS AWAKE - Share New Single "Xinteng" Feat. Tom Barber Of Chelsea Grin

TORIZON - Release New Video "Find My Way Out"

HORDE CASKET - Unleash New Single "Melted Together"

RITUAL MORTIS - Stream New Album "Possessed By Machines"

OUR FATE - Release Video For New Single "The Tide"

BETWEEN NOW AND FOREVER - Release Guitar Playthrough Video "My Sanity"

AFTER HOUR ANIMALS - Reveal Video For New Single "Regenerated"

LIGHTWORKER - Release Lyric Videos For "Remove The Earth " and "Cholera"

HATCHETS FOR HANDS - Release New Video "Bad Men"

RØT - Stream New Album "The Black Pill"

DISCOVERANCE - Share New Single "Reversion"

SLIPKNOT - Watch "Unsainted" and "Nero Forte" Drum Playthrough

AFTER THE BURIAL - Release New Video "In Flux"

NONPOINT - Why They Ditched Herd Immunity Fest

FATHOM - Unleash New Video "Distressed"

ANAHATA - Reveal New Single "Blackout"

MOUTH FOR WAR - Release New Single Video "I Don't Want To Feel At All"

AMARANTHE - Goes "Viral" With The New Single Video

WITHER, DECAY - Present Video For New Single "Passerby"

DEVIL'S CUT - Release New Single Video "Let Go"

DEVASTATE - Share New Single "Unrequited" With Lyric Video

CLOCKWORK SKY - Share New Single "Longinus"

OUTLINE IN COLOR - Release New Single Video "Punishment" (Feat Kalie Wolfe)

PORN - Releases New Remix of "In An Endless Dream" by Chris Vrenna

ÆNLY - Release New Single "Up In Smoke"

DIVISIVE - Stream New Album "Codex Gigas"