MEYTAL COHEN - Release Limp Bizkit Drum Cover "My Way"

Meytal Cohen has released a new drum cover video of Limp Bizkit's "My Way".

She commented:

""My way" is here. Was a lot fun learning this. the shoot was a bit rushed in my opinion, I feel I could have done better but a certain individual who shall remain nameless, insisted my performance was flawless and did not require any additional takes. Actually, as a result I decided to to go back to shooting my own videos for a minute, I bought a ladder to be able to reach the overhead tripod and was super motivated to give it a go. but due to numerous things going wrong while trying to shoot myself yesterday, the overhead camera not connecting to my phone, having to lift a huge ladder twice over my drums to try and connect it, then it dying again mid take, iPhone camera crashing leaving me with 1 minute out of a 5 minute song for the foot camera, and getting tangled with some cables resulting in my side camera’s final plummet to it’s inevitable death, I’m not completely sure it was such a good idea.

Meanwhile, let me know how you liked this one, brings back memories of a simpler time doesn’t it? I know I sound 100/yo. Think I might be ready to shoot unsainted by slipknot. 1000 days later. Though my proficiency still heavily depends on the amount of coffee I consumed that day, and that can’t be a good thing. Might give the self op another go. Wish me luck. I think I’ll need it."