HANG TOUGH - Stream Debut EP "Hate District"

GRIEVE - Are Back With New Video and Single For "Neglected"

FRONTIERS - Release New Single "Disjointed"

AATHERIEXA - Stream Debut EP "Incantations"

ENTER SHIKARI - Release Video Recap At HippieLandia In Bulgaria 2018

CHELSEA GRIN - Take A Look At Live Drum Cam For "Hostage"

TERRORBYTE - Drop Video For New Single "Worldstar"

SET SIGHTS - Unveil New Track "Planted"

TORN CONFIDENCE - Release New Video "Clarity"

ELSWHERE - Release Video For New Single "This One's For You"

EARTH GROANS - Drop Second Single "Heathen Heart"

VCTMS - Premiere New Video "Cognitive//Closure"

SCUMSTERS - Alex Terrible (Slaughter To Prevail) New Project Release New Video "Follow Me"

PANTERA/HELLYEAH - Drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott Dead At 54

SAILS OF SERENITY - Release New Video "Left Behind"

PAINLESS - New Band Of Former Emmure Members Release New Video "Spellbinder"

COMMON & CREATOR - Release New Single "Infected" With Lyric Video

STONE SOUR - Release New Song "Burn One Turn One" With Lyric Video

THUS I END - Release New Video "Cold Souls"

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Release First Video Episode The Making Of "Gravity"

VERLORD - Release Video For New Single "Motherland"

PUT TO REST - Release New Single "Fairweather Friend"

WORLD VS ONE - Drop New Single "Coffin Creeper" With Lyric Video And New Vocalist

THE HOPEWELL FURNACE - Release Debut Video For New Single "Guillain Barré"

HEARD BY EYES - Unveil Video For New Single "Dying Light"

SHINEDOWN - Post Video Recap Of Download Festival 2018

WALKING ACROSS JUPITER - Release Guitar Playthrough Video For "Hymns of the Valiant"

DARON MALAKIAN AND SCARS ON BROADWAY - Release Second Episode "Making Dictator"

FORGETTING THE MEMORIES - Release New Single "Cult" With Lyric Video

THE PARALLEL - Release Drum Playthrough Video "Monochrome"