METALLICA - Release Live Footage "Now That We're Dead" From Zürich, Switzerland - May 10, 2019

THE RED CHARADE - Stream New Song "Primal Pt 1"

OH, SLEEPER - Release Live Video "Decimation & Burial"

BURY YOUR DEAD - Release Live Footage "Hurting Not Helping"

EARTHSHATTER - Drop New Single "Ghost Orchid"

INFECTED RAIN - Lena Take Us Through The Making Of Her New Tattoo

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Talk About The Album Artwork (VIDEO)

VALIANT HEARTS - Release New Single "Mesmer"

TESSERACT - Watch Live "Juno" From Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2019

MINORS - Release New Video "Garden Of Dismalism"

VARIANT - Present Video For New Single "Mosquito"

WORLD END MAN - Drop Video For New Single "Whore Mutilation"

STÄBRUCH FESTIVAL 2019 - Announce Final Line-Up

MINIATURE DRUMS - Watch "Toxicity" Played On Miniature Drums

NANU DRUMS - Release SlipKnot's Drum Cover Video "Duality"

THY ART IS MURDER - Read A Message From The Drummer Lee Stanton

THE JASTA SHOW - Release New Podcast With Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation (VIDEO)

EMULSIFIED - Release Guitar and Bass Playthrough Video for "Cadaveric Abdominal Inflation"

KUBLAI KHAN - Watch Live Drum Cam Video For "Ant Pile" and "Self Destruct"

OF MICE&MEN - Watch Live Footage From Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA; September 23rd, 2019

METAL IN PUBLIC - Watch How People React To Down & Dirty

INNER SKIN - Present New Single "Poison"

DETHRONE THE CORRUPTED - Release New Video "Interfernal Suffering"

MASS HYSTERIA - Release Live Footage "Se Brûler Sûrement" From Hellfest 2019

JINJER - Watch The Full Show From Mesa, Arizona; September 13th, 2019

BLACK TONGUE - Release New Video "Parting Soliloquy"

DISENTOMB - Watch Full Live Set at Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul, MN; September 22nd, 2019

BLACK STAINS - Reveal Video For New Single "The Moon"

MELLISIUM - Stream New EP "Inexorable Death"

TODAY'S LAST TRAGEDY - Release New Single "Extinction" (Feat. Kyle Anderson of Brand Of Sacrifice)

DOMESTIC TERROR - Drop New Re-Treacked Version Single "In Favor Of Public Execution"

SLEEPSCULPTOR - Stream Debut Album "Entry: Dispersal"

SIGNS OF THE SWARM - Watch Full Live Set at Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul, MN; September 22nd, 2019

IT FOLLOWS - Drop New Song "Dying" With Lyric Video

STICK TO YOUR GUNS - Watch Live Drum Cam Video For "Dove & Fist" and "Amber"

GASSED UP - Stream New "Gnostic State" EP

MENTAL CRUELTY - Watch Live Set at Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul, MN; September 22nd, 2019

MACHINE HEAD - Present New Drummer and Guitarist

ALICE IN CHAINS - Release Studio Video "Private Hell"

DIAMONDS TO DUST - Present New Single "Diamond Pierced Eyes"

INSTILL TERROR - Stream New EP "Prophet of Resent"

NORMANDIE - Release Live Session Video "Enough"

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - Share New Song "Chemical"

ANOTHER LOST YEAR - Release Video for Single H.O.M.E; Announce Welcome H.O.M.E. Tour with Dark Station

HYAENA - Unveiled New Song "Lies"

EVENT RELENTLESS - Unveil New Single "Pleasure & Pain" With Lyric Video

WHILE MY CITY BURNS - Drop Video For New Single

BENEATH THE HOLLOW - Release Lyric & Live Video for "Spellbound"

CHARIOT ON FIRE - Release Video For Billie Eilish Cover "Bad Guy"

WEEPING WOUND - Release New Video "Pardon (A Soliloquy)"

STICK TO YOUR GUNS - Watch Live Drum Cam Video For "Such Pain" and "Married To The Noise"

LIONHEART - Drop New Video "Valley Of Death"

CLAWFINGER - Are Back With New Video "Tear You Down"

METALLICA - Release Live Footage For "Disposable Heroes" From Zürich, Switzerland - May 10, 2019

ALTER BRIDGE - Watch The Studio Video Recap From "Walk The Sky" Making Album

THOUSAND BELOW - On Learning to Sing, Erik Ron & Recording New Album "Gone In Your Wake" (VIDEO)

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY - Release New Album and Music Video

D-MAD DEVIL - Release New Single "Giving It Everything" (Feat. Christian Grey from Villain of the Story)

VALLEYS - Share New Single "Moon Child"

FOR THE WIN - Return With First Song In Over 2 Years

ANDREW BAENA - Release New Video "Grasping At The Unseen"

LIFE AWAITS - Release New Single/Video "Blind Belief"

SOUTH HARBOUR - Release New Video "As I Gaze Into An Uncertain Future"

LANDMVRKS - Drop Video For New Single "Wake Up Call"