ATTILA - Release Video For New Single "Metalcore Manson"

ERADIUS - Release New Single Video "Another Time"

GOJIRA - Share New Single Video "The Chant"

SERJ TANKIAN - Release New Single Video "Rumi"

CANCEL THE TRANSMISSION - Deliver Their Enticing New Single!

A KILLER'S CONFESSION - Tour Announcement and New Video "Trapped Inside"

LOST IN SILENCE - Release New Single Video "Rest In Peace"

SPIRITBOX- Release New Single Video "Circle With Me"

VILDHJARTA - Release Video For Single "när de du älskar kommer tillbaka från de döda"

HOSTAGE - Drop New Single "Curtain Fall"

OCEANIS - Release New Single Video "Innate"

DISTANT - Release New Video "Rituals: Rakva & Vermilion Rivers"

ATLAS - Release New Video Single "Taivaanranta"

GOJIRA - Joe Duplantier On New Album "Fortitude" (VIDEO)

DETHRONE THE CORRUPTED - Release New Video "And A Darkened Rebirth", New EP Out Now!

KILL THE IMPOSTER - Goes On A Violent Trip Down Memory Lane With Music Video “Dongan Hills”

INMATE - Release New Video "For Suffer We Must"

RESISTOR - Share Video For New Single "King Of Nothing"

LORD OF THE LOST - Release New Single Video "Priest"

MIDGAR - Release New Single "Sunburn" On Year Of The Rat Records and Announce Album Release Details

DOMESTIC TERROR - Release New Video "In Favor Of Public Execution"

DENEB - Stream Debut EP "First Launch"

THE FINAL CLAUSE OF TACITUS - Release New Single Video "Something's Gonna Break"

NOT MY GRAVE - Release New Single Video "Grey"

WITHIN THE RUINS - Joe and Steve On 3 Favorite Movies (VIDEO)

BECKO - Present Video For New Single "Otaku Pride"

FRACTAL UNIVERSE - Launch New Video "A Clockwork Expectation", Reveals Details For New Album "The Impassable Horizon"

CHAIR WARRIORS - Reveal New Single "Throne"

ARBITRATOR - Unleash New Single "Scorn"

TETRARCH - Share New Song "Addicted"

KING 810 - Releases Official Music Video for Single "I am the enemy"; Announce Tour Dates!

HALCYON DAYS - Deliver Striking New Single “Awakening”

MORTYFEAR - Released a Chaotic, Disturbing, Hypnotizing and Beautiful Single & Music Video "Misfortunate Phoenix"

LOGICIAN - Share New Single "Introspection"

STARSET - Release New Single "Infected"

COHEN - Release Guitar Playthrough For "Perish"

landless - Release New Single Video "Borrowed Time"

THE SIGHT OF IMPACT - Release Video For New Single "Unrealistic"

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY - Shares New Single “Painting A Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator”

ORBSTRUCT - Release New Single "Mercury Turn"

BELVEBUTH - Unleash New Single "Malefic Manipulation"

PHILIP H. ANSELMO - Ranks Pantera Albums: Best to Worst (VIDEO)

RUIN IN PROGRESS - Stream New EP "Materia"

MY PERFECT END - Share Video For New Single "Beautiful Victim" (Ft Joshua Westwick of BLKLST)

NONPOINT - Share Second Video Vlog

MENTAL CRUELTY - Release New Video "King Ov Fire"