DEADBEAT - Drop New Single "Narcissist"

APASTRON - Release Video For New Single "Solipsis"

UNE MISÈRE - Watch "Sermon" Release Show, Live Album Out Now!

ACRANIA / VULVODYNIA - Stream New Split EP "Societal Lobotomisation"

CANTERVICE - Present New Single "Void"

DISCORDANT - Unleash Video For New Single "Excarnation"

TOBINES - Release ARCHITECTS' Drum Cover "Dead Butterflies"

DROPOUT KINGS - In The New DTB’s Episode “Dream Tour”

NO F'N REGRETS - Vocal Scream Coach Melissa Cross (Zen of Screaming) In The New Podcast of MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn (VIDEO)

SET FOR TOMORROW - Release New Single "Hopeless"

MAL - Hit Hard With New Single "Lying and Silently Dying" (Feat. Stephen Mashburn from I Am Destruction)

DEADVECTORS - Release New Video "Chameloen" (Feat. Nick Cross of DIVISIVE)

INTROVERT - Launch New Video "Fannin Street Blues"

WATCH FOR WOLVES - Share New Single "Guilty By Dissociation"

innerspace - Present Video For New Single "Dusky Seaside Sparrow"

ASRAYA - Release New Single "Forged In Fire"

WHAT LIES BELOW - Drop New Single "Endlessly"

SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Release New Video "Genocidal Humanoidz"

ALEX TERRIBLE - Release Vocal Cover Of RAMMSTEIN's "Ich Will"

LEFT TO SUFFER - Reveal Video For New Single "Anger"

SEA SLEEPER - Release "Mountain Carver" Playthrough Video

GLASS HELIX - Release New Single "Incorrigible"

OLD WHARF - Release Video For New Single "Death As My Witness"

VULVODYNIA - Release Lyric Video "Aborning Pestilence"

FALLSTAR - Drop New Single "Meaning In The Monster"

TAINT - Release New Single "Apocalypse"

SEPTEMBER MOURNING - Release Drum Playthrough Video For New Single "Wake the Dead"

SARIN - Release New Vidoe "Thick Mire"

ROB ZOMBIE - Release New Video "The Eternal Struggles of The Howling Man"

DEGRADER - Reveal Video For New Single "Des Vu"

AMORPHIS - Release New Single "Brother And Sister"

DeadVectors - Stream Double Single "Menace // Chameleon"

SWARMAGEDDON - Release New Single "Of A Billion Screams"

7 DAYS IN ALASKA - Release New Single "Hurts Like Bullets"

CRANIAL TORMENT - Launch New Single "Wrath of Caligula"

CELLAR TWINS - Share New Music Video "Selfear" Off Re-Released Album "Duality" Out Now!

VERTEX - Premiered New Single Video "Following Arrows"

BAEST - Releases Third Track And Music Video For Title Track "Necro Sapiens"

TAMARA TADIC - Release Drum Playthrough Video For Her New Single "Ignite"

DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL - Release Video For New Single "The Narcissist"

ALIEN DRIVE - Reveal Video For New Single "Lost in the Fire"

WEREWOLVES - Release New Single Video "Sublime Wartime Voyeurism"

MONASTERIES - Drop New Video Single "Allowing Your Traitors To Die", Sign WIth Seek & Strike

DEAD/AWAKE - Drop Animated Video For New Single "The End"

OUR LAST NIGHT - Reveal Video For Tate McRae's Cover "you broke me first"

LOST AT SEA - Sign With Revival Recordings and Release New Single