RED ROOM - Launch Debut Single "Do You Believe in The Boogeyman?"

Deathcore outfit, Red Room have released a debut single "Do You Believe in The Boogeyman?".

The band commented: 

"Do you believe in The Boogeyman? They could be your coworker, a friend, even family. They are unassuming. They are deceiving. They are silent. Devoid of hope and stepping away from the light, they fall into the mind of a psychopath.

Run as fast as you can, for there is no escape. Scream as loud as you can, for noone will hear you. The Boogeyman is real. Do you believe?"

A "Red Room" exists of ill intent. A place in the darkest reaches of the world wide web of information. A place where people who have done wrong, and perhaps those who haven't, are tortured for the pleasure of you, the viewer. Pay for pain.