RESURRECTOR - Drop New Single "Lord Zero (Holy Grave)"

COCKOROCH - Release New Video "Circle Pig (7.0)"

ABYSMAL PISS - Unleash New Single "Chained And Maimed"

THE ACACIA STRAIN - Watch Full Show From Philadelphia, PA; December 15th, 2021

VIOLET ORLANDI - Release Metal Cover Of Oasis "Wonderwall"

HALF HEARD VOICES - Release New Single "Withered Sun"

THRONE OV WORMS - Release New Single "Plague Ov Creed"

BLIND CHANNEL - Watch "Dark Side" & "Bad Idea" From Last Night's UMK22

LYDIA'S CASTLE - Release New Single Video "Phoenix"

JINJER - Release Video Message From Kyiv

RENASCENTIA - Release New Single "Chasing a Ghost"

A CRIME CALLED... - Release New Single Video "Back 'N' Forth"

SERO\\TONIN - Unleash Video For New Single "No Escape"

SET FOR TOMORROW - Share Guitar Playthrough Video For Single "Soul Purpose"

DEFTONES – Share Guitar Playthrough Video For "Graphic Nature"

TainT - Release New Video For Måneskin Cover "I Wanna Be Your Slave"

AESOP - Share Drum Playthrough Video For New Single "Promethean"

ANOTHERKIND - Infected Rain's Guitarist Project Release New Single, Cover of Sinéad O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2U" Feat. Fabienne Erni​ (Eluveitie/Illumishade)

MAKE THEM SUFFER - Parts Ways With Vocalist and Keyboardist Booka Nile

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY - Announce UK/EU Headline Tour June 2022

THY ART IS MURDER/AFTER THE BURIAL - Announce Co-Headline "Back From the Gulag" Spring US Tour With Supports

UTTER SCORN - Stream New Album "Paroxysmal Endemia"

A NIGHT LIKE THIS - Share Video For New Single "Vacant Home"

HOSTILE ARRAY - Present Video For New Single "Heavy"

MOMENTS - Release New Single Video "The Void"

GRAYSCALE SEASON - Release New Single Video "Side Effects" (feat. Calle Thomer of Vildhjarta)

TRYING TIMES - Release Video For New Single "Tidal Wave"

CALATHEA - Present Video For New Single "Ripped Teeth"

CAPTIVIST - Drop New Single "Realization" Ft. Ryo Kinoshita of CRYSTAL LAKE

WOLVES AT THE GATE - Release New Single Video "Peace That Starts The War"

DAGOBA - Reveal Guitar Playthrough Video For "City Lights"

STAIN THE CANVAS - Release New Single Video "LXVE"

DESCAPE - Present Video For Single "My Way Back Home"

DREADWORM - Release New Single "Oblivion"

VANITAS - Share Video For New Single "Ghostly Coast"

JOSHUA TRAVIS - EMMURE Guitarist Solo Project Drop Second Single "Leviathan" (Ft. Ryo Kinoshita & Chad Kapper)

NEST OF PLAGUES - Release Video For New Single "Heredity"

DRACONIAN REIGN - Unleash Video For Single "It Came From Hell"

NYLIST - Stream New EP "Apart"

KRISTINA RYBALCHENKO - Release LIMP BIZKIT's Drum Cover "Dirty Rotten Bizkit"

CORPSEGRINDER - Unleash Thrid Single "Crismon Proof", Debut Album Out Now!

MAJIN - Drop New Single "The Mechanics of Suffering" Feat. Dreadworm

LANDMVRKS - Nicolas & Floren In Impericon's 25 Questions (VIDEO)

SICKSEED - Reveal Video For New Single "House of Corpses" (feat. Knud Lind)

NOVA FRACTURE - Release New Single Video "Disconnected (Cut The Wire)"

PROMISES UNSAID - Unveil New Single Video "Mind Play"

DAWN OF ASHES - Release New Single "Scars Of The Broken"

LEFT TO SUFFER - Release New Single Video "Overwhelming Power"

GUTRECTOMY - Unleash New Single Video "Perish In Selfishness"

EMERRA - Reveal Video For New Single "Jawbreaker"

DISEMBODIED TYRANT - Drop New Single "Ov Brimstone And Fire"