MAKE THEM SUFFER - Parts Ways With Vocalist and Keyboardist Booka Nile

Australia's Deathcore/Metalcore outfit, Make Them Suffer have announced that they have parted ways with vocalist and keyboardist Booka Nile.

The band posted only a short statement saying:

"Booka Nile's time as a member of Make Them Suffer has come to an end. Unfortunately, we are unable to comment any further on the matter."

Booka Nile first comment on her Instagram:

"It's been real y'all. I'm excited for the next chapter and to see what adventures come next. Thanks for the memories, Make Them Suffer."

Her next comment was the following:

"My DMs are overflowing right now with people asking me why I've left Make Them Suffer. I know you haven't been given a proper explanation so I just want to say that I will release a proper statement and explanation over the next week or so. I'm super busy and exhausted from my crazy work life but it's important to me that those who have supported me so much over the years are given a proper and in-depth explanation of why I've left the band. So I promise you all I will explain soon. In the mean time, I'd like to just thank you for the love you are all sending me in the wake of this news. It has warmed my heart and I love you right back."

This all comes from accusations of her sexual assault. The allegations against Nile surfaced on Twitter where a conversation was posted, allegedly showing Nile joking about making someone have sex with her.

She joined the band in 2017 and recorded two album "Worlds Apart" and "How to Survive a Funeral".