NOVA FRACTURE - Release New Single Video "Disconnected (Cut The Wire)"

Seattle, Washington-based five-piece Metalcore outfit, Nova Fracture have released a new single and music video "Disconnected (Cut The Wire)".

The band commented:

"This song is ultimately about “social media toxicity”; what it’s done to us overall as people. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. used to be served for one single purpose and that was to connect with friends and family inside and outside of our community. After years since it’s inception, social media turned into this vicious animal where it caused us to turn on our closest friends and family. If you didn’t believe the same thing, no matter what the topic is, as your friend or family member the initial reaction these days has been to either “block” or “unfriend” them because it came off as contradictory and offensive when we as people are and should be better than that. If something raises an exclamation point or even question mark above your head, maybe take the time to ask “What do you mean by that?” and help learn more about each other to help create better bonds with your close friends and family members. When I wrote this song, it wasn’t to spite or think ill of others with people that don’t believe or think the same as me and vice versa and so forth. I wrote this to help shed some light on the darkness we’re in that is “social media toxicity” and we should all be better examples rather than just blocking out everything you don’t want to hear because someone close to you may simply not understand what you mean or what you’re going through. It’s to help bridge that gap we face when it comes to those situations and circumstances. Instead of living with hate and ire, let’s find ways to live in love, respect and harmony."

Nova Fracture is a five-piece Metalcore band from Seattle, Washington consisting of vocalist Nick Oswald, guitarists Garrett Skelton and Brae Howlett, bassist Traian Manolescu and drummer Charlie Romano. Their songs & messages consists of coping with mental and emotional struggles, questioning and discovering our own humanity, and chasing after our own free will. Their triumphant follow-up EP, “A World On Fire”, is set to be released on March 18th, 2022 via Javelin Records. Featuring singles such as “Disconnected (Cut The Wire)” and “I Am Alone”. They were also named KISW’s 99.9FM The Rock’s “Band of the Week” in September 2020.