OAKS - Signs To Argonauta Records!

Paris-based instrumental, progressive metal act OAKS has inked a worldwide deal with Argonauta Records for the release of their upcoming studio album entitled Genesis of the Abstract! The band’s first full-length record will be out during 2022. 

OAKS unleashes powerful, conceptual and enthralling metal, leaving its listener in a complex sound universe. Heavily inspired by bands alike Mastodon, Tool or Pink Floyd, the French trio offers a diverse mixture in between brutal incursions and calm moments ahead of a storm. Get a first sneak peak, as OAKS just shared a signing and album trailer below!

Says the band: "We are thrilled to start the journey of our first album, Genesis of the Abstract, with Gero, Mona, Michele and Argonauta Records, a label that always support innovative and honest bands of our scene.“

Gero Lucisano, owner of Argonauta Records, adds: "

"When it comes to instrumental bands, you know they have to prove to offer 'something more' due to the lack of a singer. It may happen when you see them live alongside a visual show, though it's not often easy when listening to an album. With OAKS, as soon as I got the chance to hear their songs, I've been immediately caught by their sound, thanks to its massive incursions into psychedelic and progressive territories. A very genuine approach!"

Just recently, OAKS premiered a first album single and video clip for "The Void". The music video is streaming below!