REST ASIDE - Release New Single Video "Throne"

RECOIL IN HORROR - Drop New Single "Lamia's Wrought"

INFERIOUS - Drop New Single "Apocalypse", Stream New EP "Ad Mortem" Out Today!

ADAM BJÖRK - Release Drum Cover Of SPITE's New Single "Made To Please"

DEADVECTORS - Stream New Album "Colossal"

CATCH YOUR BREATH - Release New Single Video "Shame On Me"

IN GLOOM - Stream New EP "Deathbell"

АУТКАСТ - Release New Single Video "Nero-zero"

GENTLEMEN - Stream New EP "Fractal Cage"

FOO FIGHTERS - Watch Live at Madison Square Garden, June 20, 2021

TEMPUS - Present New Single "Digital Sand"

INFECTED - Release New Single "Maiden's Blood"

DEAD WORLD RECLAMATION - Share Drum Playthrough Video "Plaguemaster's Legacy"

DEAD/AWAKE - Unleash Video For New Single "Apologies"

WITHOUT HUMAN TRAIT - Stream New EP "Deathwish / Overdose"

HELMET - Page Hamilton Tells The Story Behind "Just Another Victim" From Judgement Night (VIDEO)

THE JASTA SHOW - Heidi Shepherd Of BUTCHER BABIES and Lena Scissorhands Of INFECTED RAIN In The New Podcast Episode (VIDEO)

OHIO SLAMBOYS - Unleash New Single "Kill"

BETRAYAL DEVOURS COWARDS - Stream New Album "Xenoraza"

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SAVING VICE - Present Guitar Playthrough Video For New Single "Dying to Watch"

xCELESTIALx - Stream Remastered Debut Album "Nihilist Deluxe"

PROFANITY - Stream New Album "Fragments of Solace"

SEEING THINGS - Release Guitar Playthrough Video For New Single "Animosity"

STILL SEARCHING - Release New Single "Brace for Chaos"

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DEAD BY APRIL - Release EDM Remix Of New Single "Anything at All"

TO OBEY A TYRANT - Unleash New Single Video "Vermillion Moon"

THE AGONIST - Vicky Psarakis Talks Getting Into Twitch Streaming and Interacting with Fans Online (VIDEO)

DEXCORE - Release New Video "Who’s Fault?"

ENTERTAIN THE TERROR - Release New Single Video "Free Hate"

I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN - Stream Remixed/Remastered Album “When Goodbye Means Forever…”

TRAUMATIZER - Stream Debut EP "No Judge, No Jury"

STILL_BLOOM - Share New Single Video "sleeping in distortion"

UNTIL THE DEAD WALK - Drop Video For New Single "Talk It Out"

NONPOINT - Release New Single Video "Back In The Game"

COSMODROME - Share New Single "Light Me Up"

THECITYISOURS - Release Video For East 17 Cover "Stay Another Day"

ELISHA - Stream New EP "Flesh"

KRISTINA RYBALCHENKO - Release FOO FIGHTERS Drum Cover "The Pretender"

THE GOD AWFUL TRUTH - Release New Video "Imhotep"

AS I LAY DYING - Announce Russian Summer Tour With Special Guests LORNA SHORE

VOLATILE WAYS - Stream New EP "Demonstrations Of Mass Destruction"

TRASH PANDA - Stream New EP "Valley Of Junk"

YOUNG MEDICINE - Release New Single "Cold Blooded"

THE AGONIST - In The New Episode of DTB’s “Tour Tips (Top 5)”

GHOST LIGHTS - Drop New Single Video "Wendigo`s Lair"

ANNISOKAY - Release Behind The Scenes Of "Time" Music Video