THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - Watch The Final Show From New York

SOLD SOUL - Just Dropped Their Debut Single "A Voyage Through River Styx" Featuring Niko of Until We Die & Martin of The Nurnean

DEAD EYES ALWAYS DREAMING - Drop Brand New Video "A World Saturated In Blood"

MESS - Stream Debut Single "Shepherd"

FEAR THE SILENCE - Release New Video "Passivist"

SHIELD BREAKER - Release Debut Single "Visored" With Lyric Video

DIRTY MACHINE - Release "Social Recoil" Lyric Video

COREY TAYLOR (SLIPKNOT/STONE SOUR) - Speaks On Separation From His Wife

TURAN IN VELTHA - Release Video For The New Single "Nightwish"

CHERNOBYL THE SECRET - Release New Lyric Video “Ego’s Stronghold”

ORNIMENTAL - Release Lyric Video For “Love Thy Enemy”


DOWN ON ME - Release New Video "Iceland Style"

THROUGH N THROUGH - Drop New Video "More From Me" Featuring Matt of Kublai Khan & Bryan of Drowning

TRASH UNION - Release New Video "Every Man 4 Himself"

MARC RIZZO (SOULFLY/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY) - Guitarist Announced Release Date For His New Album "Rotation"

SOLDIERS OF SOLACE - Reveal 'We Are Immortal' Album Details, Video Teaser Posted

MACHINE HEAD - Invite 10 Fans To Listening Session Of The New Album "Catharsis" (VIDEO)

THE ETHERYALIST - Release Video For Their Debut Single "Freyja"

CROSSED HANDS - Present New Single "Comatose"

CODEINE KING - Release New Single "Mothjaw"

GUTCHECK - Drop New Single "Sdk"

FALLCIE - Release New Video/Single "You Are Nothing"

WITHIN DESTRUCTION - Posted Video Recap Of 2017

MBURNS - Release New Album "More To Life Than This"

COLD HARD TRUTH - Release New Video "Muay Thai Or Die" Featuring Matthi (Nasty) and Mauro (Sicario)

BROJOB - Release New Single "The Birds And The Brees Featuring Luke Griffin And Mike Greenwood

CUTTHROAT - Presnet New Video "Religion Breeds Violence"

STOMP OF TYPHON - Streaming Thier New EP "The Shift"

HOLLOW HUMANITY - Release New Live VIdeo "Among Mined Fields We Plant Trees"

Ev0LUTION - Drop Christmas "Carol Of The Bells" Cover Featuring Zilf

CROSSFAITH - Watch "Tears Fall" Live At Makuhari Messe In Japan"

OUR HOLLOW OUR HOME - Drop New Video "Pride: Of Might & Mane"

PAPA ROACH - Release "Traumatic" New Video

ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Release "Into The Fire" Acoustic Version Video

WEESP - Release Video For Their New Single "Illumination"

QUIET EYES - Drop New Single/Video "Harbor"

ON LETTING GO - Release New Video "Dust In The Wind"

DECIMATOR - Release Debut Single "Prodigal Bastard"

INTROVERT - Stream New Album

REVOLVE - Release Lyric Video For "Days of Grey"

STEREO SATELLITE - Newly Formed All Star Rock Band Drop Video For Debut Single "Glass Houses"