A MOMENT IN POMPEII - Unveil New Video "Mind the Gap"

METALLICA - Release Live Video "Motorbreath" From Milwaukee, WI - October 16, 2018

VIOLET ORLANDI - Release System Of A Down's Cover "Aerials"

HEARTSICK - Drop New Single/Video "Loveletter"

ALESTI - Stream New Released EP "Elements"

METALLICA - Release Live Video "The Unforgiven" From Austin, TX - October 13, 2018

THE DIALECTIC - Drop Second Single "How It Ends" With Lyric Video

VOIDWAKER - Stream Self-Tiled EP

CORRUPTOR - Release Double Single ""Vivification/Cognizance"

VERSUS ME - Unveil New Single "Not Going Back"

UNSTABLE - Stream New Self Titled EP

I, TELOS - Drop Debut Single "Hatred"

DEAD/AWAKE - Release New Single/Video "Vagabond" Feat. John of The Last 10 Seconds of Life

SUBNUBA - Stream New Album "Distant Pixels"

CHRONOFORM - Released a Single/Video From Their Upcoming Album

METALLICA - Release Live Video "Now That We're Dead" From Austin, TX - October 6, 2018

EXILIA - Release Video For New Single "Feel The Fire"

THE SILVERBLACK - Drop Sexy Hot Video "Rain On A Wedding Day"

PALISADES - Release New Video "War"

JINJER - Watch Live Bass Playthrough For "Who Is Gonna Be the One"

HENRIETTE B - Present New Lyric Video "One Percent"

METALLICA - Release Live Video "Seek & Destroy" From Dreamfest in San Francisco, CA - September 26, 2018

BEARTOOTH - In The New Episode Of Rock Sound's "7Of30" Caleb Shomo

SLIPKNOT- Release Behind The Scenes Studio Clip of "All Out Life"

EMERGING FROM THE COCOON - Drop New Video "Metal Superstar"

RAIN IN FLORENCE - Present New Video "I Owe You Nothing" Ft. Shannon Low of The Order Of Elijah

METALLICA - Release Live Video "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" from Saskatoon, SK - September 15, 2018

REACH - Release Live Video "Sold Soul"

CSMNT - Release New Single and Video "Remembrance"

SEVER - Present New Single "My Way Back Home"

DRENCHED IN FEAR - Stream New Single "Regicide"

UNTIL THE DEAD WALK - Release Debut Video "WKTS"

ANNISOKAY - Released Japan Tour 2018 Episode 1

LINDEMANN - Present Provocative New Video "Mathematik" Feat. Haftbefehl

HARVEST THEIR BODIES - Drop New Single "The Beast Out Of Water And Soil"

UPON THOSE DYING - Drop New Video "Down At Me"

GROOVENOM - Drop Video For New Single "Unter deiner Haut"

BEFORE BREATHING - Present New Single "Dead Thoughts"

SHOKRAN - Give Us First Studio Video Update

VIOLET ORLANDI - Release Linkin Parks's Cover "Crawling"

LEVEL 80 - Stream New "Age of Miseries" EP

REPLACER - Drop Debut Single "Bruiser"

SHRINE OF MALICE - Drop New Animated Video "Rot & Decay"

METALLICA - Release Live Video "Wherever I May Roam" From Sioux Falls, SD - September 11, 2018

WE'RE WOLVES - Drop New Single/Video "Just Calm Down!

PILLARS OF AUTUMMN - Unleash New Single "Grandeur and Virtue Part II Regret"

HOLLOW FRONT - Release New Acoustic Video "Still Life"

TERROR UNIVERSAL - In The New Episode Of "Crazy Tour Stories"

KODAMA - Release New Video "Strength in Unity"

EVERYONE LOVES A VILLAIN - Drop New Single "What are we fighting for?" With Lyric Video

FERNANDO LAMUS - Release Killswitch Engage "My Curse" Drum Cover Video

ICE NINE KILLS - Release New Video "Merry Axe-Mas"

COMMON THIEVES - Release New Single "Scraped"

RISING INSANE - Release New Video "Dead & Gone"

OCEANS OVER EARTH - Stream New Single "Crimson Era"

METALLICA - Release Live Video "Fade to Black" From Lincoln, NE - September 6, 2018

22 - Drop Video For New Single "Sylphs"

WHILE SHE SLEEPS - Unveil New Single "Haunt Me"

CALLEJON – Drop New Single "Porn From Spain 3" Featuring K.I.Z & Ice-T With Lyric Video