SUMMER BREEZE 2019 - Nine New Bands Confirmed!

Summer Breeze festival 2019 have confirmed new bands for the next year's edition of the festival!

What began as a savage riff strom in Massachusetts in the late 90s is at the forefront of modern metal in 2018: UNEARTH!
The band will be part of the SUMMER BREEZE line-up for the third time already. The five Americans have been in business for 20 years, which makes them veterans of the metalcore genre. With their new longplayer 'Extinctions' the quintet will bring their seventh full-length release and an honest, powerful and gripping album to us in Dinkelsbühl. UNEARTH set new standards in the amalgamation of brutality and melody. Both long-time fans and newbies in the fan community will be enthralled by this live phenomenon at SUMMER BREEZE 2019. Let's mosh!

Dutch death/thrash is always a go, isn't it?! That's why we don't want to keep IZEGRIM from you, who will have their SUMMER BREEZE debut in 2019.
With 'Beheaded By Trust' the Dutchmen have already released a great self-produced EP, plus they have been welcomed on many stages in Europe already. So the lady and gentlemen now damn well how to stir up a cool mosh pit and will hit you with all their live experience in Dinkelsbühl in order to clean those ear canals.

Icelandic vikings SKÁLMÖLD are bringing their powerful, melodic, epic viking metal to this year's SUMMER BREEZE!
Their compositions meld traditional Icelandic folk music with various metal influences. Fans of the Icelandic darkness and norse mythology will get thewir money's worth with SKÁLMÖLD 's stylistic variety. The band's goal is to honor the cultural heritage of the Icelandic language and history through their music, and they fully succeed. So don't miss it when SKÁLMÖLD deliver their energy laden viking metal melodies in Dinkelsbühl.

For insiders, the former bands of our next confirmation's members read like a who is who of the Swedish death metal scene. We're talking about LIK, who are celebrating their SUMMER BREEZE debut.
The Stockholm band have been going since 2014 and released two formidable slabs of Swedish death so far. Nice and old-school, both in sound and composition. The rave reviews their new record 'Carnage' has received show that Chris Barkensjö (Witchery, ex-Construcdead, ex-Face Down, ex-Kaamos and many more), Niklas "Nille" Sandin (Katatonia, ex-Amaran, ex-Life Eclipse, etc.) and Tomas Åkvik (Nale, ex-Chaosys, etc.) know what they are doing. A real treat for old-school Swedish death metal gourmets, live at SUMMER BREEZE 2019.

Despite their 20-year career, these guys are by no means scrap metal, which they will prove at SUMMER BREEZE 2019: BRAINSTORM.
The Swabians just released another damn strong album. 'Midnight Ghost' is exactly the record their fans were thirsting for: straight, melodic songs that go straight for the throat, with catchy choruses there is no escaping from. Again in top form is Mr. Andy B. Franck, who puts the cherry on top of each track with his spectacular vocals. Those into straight, melodic, yet fiery heavy / power metal should write BRAINSTORM on their to-do list, as the guys are known for going the extra mile in a live situation.

Also appearing at SUMMER BREEZE 2019: the masters of the metalcore rulebook: BURY TOMORROW!
The five Englishmen will play Dinkelsbühl once again, this time with their newest record 'Black Flame', which has already been praised by critics everywhere. BURY TOMORROW are a band that is already counted among the big names of metalcore. Especially as of late the band has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity. The metalcore fans among you know what's up anyway, but all the rest will definitely be entertained as well, because BURY TOMORROW just know how to deliver a gripping, sweat-drenched show! So don't miss it...

Early 1990s: A huge crossover trend is sweeping Europe, setting the standard for many a future musical trend. European pioneers of this crossover wave are the hitherto unknown CLAWFINGER, our next confirmation.
Their debut album 'Deaf Dumb Blind' included numerous single hits that became staples of every hard music club night. Plus the Scandinavian were also fun in a live situation, something that hasn't changed until today. Proof of the newly found interest in the band was their recent tour through full venues everywhere. So if you fancy some crossover and a fireworks display of hits, and you feel fit enough to jump up and down during a full show, you shouldn't miss CLAWFINGER at SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Another premier at SUMMER BREEZE 2019: CODE ORANGE are coming to Dinkelsbühl!
The hardcore combo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are known for their modern hardcore ridden with massive beatdowns. Exactly the right fodder for all of you mosh pit kings and queens to feel good and rock out. With this, there is another hour of extreme gymnastics programmed at the stage in Dinkelsbühl. Start practicing your moves and go for it!

Want to dance and drink some beer? Want some action? Then MR. IRISH BASTARD is just right for you!
The Munster-based Irish folk punk band know damn well how to throw a good party. On stage and off! Their folky, punky songs immediately make you want to dance, and tracks such as 'I Hope They Sell Beer In Hell' set the right tone. And who knows, maybe the guys will even play one of their fantastic cover versions, so you can also strain your vocal cords. However, fact is that the fun is guaranteed at a MR. IRISH BASTARD gig, and a jolly good party is in sight. N-joy!

Summer Breeze festival is happening between August 14th – 17th, 2019 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.