ELYOSE - Present New Single Video "L'Assemblée" Feat. Cocozher of OUT OF MY EYES

MURDER AFLOAT - Release New Single Video "Waste of Space"

BOUQUET - Drop New Single Video "Curtain Call"

GLVVM - New Project From BEFORE I TURN Guitarist Drop Debut Single "SOS"

ANALEPSY - Unleash New Single Video "Edge of Chaos"

CEREMENT - Unleash Video For New Single "How Can I Love With These Hands?"

VOLATILE WAYS - Drop Video For New Single "Shoveled Into A Bag"

KUBLAI KHAN TX - Watch Full Show From Sydney, Australia; November 8th; 2022

AERITH - Reveal New Single "Thy New Design" (feat. GREYLOTUS & BURIED REALM)

GLOOMLIGHT - Drop New Single "Static"

DARKO US - Side Project Of Josh Miller of SPITE and Tom Barber of CHELSEA GRIN Stream New EP "Dethmask PT. 2"

CHABTAN - Release New Single Video "Valladolid", Stream New Album "Compelle Intrare"

I AM REVENGE - Stream New EP "Creeping Decease"

ASMODAI - Release New Single Video, The Title Track Of New Album "Let The Devil Out", Out Now!

BULLET BITER - Drop New Single Video "Silence in Stereo" (Feat. Kyle Weeden of Tactosa)

UNHALLOWED PROMETHEAN - Unleash New Single Video "Deathbringer"

METALLICA - Share Live Footage For "It's Killing Me" From Los Angeles, CA; December 16, 2022

DEAD CASSETTE - Release New Single Video "After All"

FILTH - Drop Visualizer For "User Friendly"

VISITANT - Unleash Debut Single w/ Music Video (Feat. members Abiotic, Demon King)

SOCIETY 1 - Live Concert With 14-Girl Orgy Featured In Shock Rock Movie

SILENT GENERATION - Drop New Single Video "One Shot Lay Flat"(Feat. FINAL WORDS & THROWBACK)

BEYOND FREQUENCIES - Release New Single Video "All In"

BACKSTAB - Drop New Single "Seeing Red"

CHEMICAL YOUTH - Release New Single "Heart"

EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO - Watch Him Play SLIPKNOT's "Snuff" on Handpan

PRINCIPIUS - Share Video For New Single "Venerate"

ASUNA - Release New Single Video "Dear Sunset"

KALYPTRA - Present New Single "Adverse City"

HUNTING GIANTS - Goes Berserk w/ Animated Video "Remnants" Off New Album "Mythos" Out Now!

ENTHEOS - Chaney Crabb In New Episode of Knotfest's Episode "She's With the Band"

FOUR FUNERALS - Stream New EP "At the Bottom of the Well"

A RISING CHAPTER - Unleash New Single "Black Hole"

METALLICA - Share Live Footage For Thin Lizzy Cover "Borderline" From Los Angeles, CA; December 16, 2022

GHOST IN STEREO - Present New Single Video "Redemption Ark"

EPHEMERA - Release New Single Video "Sick"

JINJER - Watch Full Show From Orlando, FL; December 14th, 2022

UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION - Unleash New Single Video "The Defying Symphony of Universal Dissonance"

††† (CROSSES) - Chino Moreno et Shaun Lopez Talk About New EP (VIDEO)

MAKE THEM SUFFER - Watch Live "Doomswitch" From Worcester, MA; December 9th, 2022

JINJER - Tatiana Shmayluk Plays Revolver's Man or Beast? Metal Vocal Challenge (VIDEO)

DEFTONES – Share Guitar Playthrough Video For "Passenger"

DEMON DEFILED - Stream New Album "Death Autonomous"

DOI - Release New Single Video "Más Fuerte"

PROLIX - Drop New Single "In Your Head" (Feat. Ethan Cronin)

SHORES OF LUNACY - Unleash New Single "Left to Rot" Feat. Alan Grnja of DISTANT

COLLAPSE//REVIVE - Release New Single Video "Unleavened"

PEELINGFLESH - Release New Single Video "12 Gauge Autopsy"

NEORHYTHM - Release New Single "Пылай, Пожар!" ("Feuer Frei!") RAMMSTEIN Cover

JACKHAMMER TRACHEOTOMY - Stream Debut EP "Flesh Side Up"

DISTANT - Share First Part Of Their Europe Tour 2022 Series