MAYFLOWER - Release New Single Video "Torn To Pieces"

DOPE - Release New Single Video "Best Of Me" (feat. Juliana "Killer" Miller)

DREAM STATE - Present Video For New Single "Comfort In Chaos"

NOUVELLE - Unveil Video For Second Single "Bloodstarved"

TIME, THE VALUATOR - Present New Single Video "Binary Pulse"

WITHERED THRONE - Stream New EP "Enantiodromia"

VOLUMES - Share PANTERA's Cover "Rise"

VILEGLOOM - Drop Video For New Single "Used&Abandoned"

IN FEAR - Release New Single Video "Abyss" and Sign To Year Of The Rat Records

HOSTAGE X IFA - Share Video For Imagine Dragons' Cover "Enemy"

THRENODY - Unveil Video For New Single "Dawnbringer"

DESPITE EXILE - Stream New Album "Wound"

METALLICA - Release Lyric Video For Single "Lux Æterna"

KOSSUTH - Release New Single "Ritualistic Sanctum"

MISERY ORDER - Stream Debut Single "Phase_01: Presage"

THE SILENCED - Present New Single "The Detrimental Ones"

NOTHING MORE - Release New Lyric Video "Dèjá Vu"

LOSS OF INFECTION - Release New Single Video "The Sovereign"


BUGGIN - Radiate On New Single “Attitude”

ORCA - Drop New Single "Sunset Limited"

THE ZENITH PASSAGE - Signs to Metal Blade Records

REGURGITATED DIVINITY - Reveal New Video "Corrupted Souls"

DISCREPANCIES - Release New Single Video "Hands Up"

ANTAREAK - Share Video For Debut Single "War With Myself"

SHADOW OF DEATH - Release New Single Video "The Violence Clan"

BEHIND OUR REFLECTIONS - Release New Single Video "Stardust"

ORACLE SPECTRE - Drop New Single "Reaper of Dreams" (Feat. Devin Duarte of WORM SHEPHERD)

THE NAMELESS - Release New Video "Exist to Suffer"

DEMON DEFILED - Unleash New Lyric Video "Death Autonomous"

DEADVECTORS - Stream New Album "Weapon"

BORN WITH OPEN EYES - Unleash New Single "Destined For Misery"

ROYALTY KULT - Are Back With New Single Video "Separation"

KIDD JUDO - Release New Single Video "L.I.E.S." (Long Island Emo Song)

THY DEVOURER - Release New Single "Dehumanize"

NONPOINT - Share Live Video "Dodge Your Destiny " From Taste of Madison 2022

ABOUT2CRASH - Signs With Rockshots Records For New Album Coming 2023

RUN INTO THE SUN - Take A Stand On Dual Single "Cry/Blood"

TO THE GRAVE - Release Monstrous New Single/Video "Axe of Kindness"

OKKULTIST - Release New Video "Meet Me In Hell"

FIGHT FROM WITHIN - Release New Single Video "Vivisepulture"

NEXT TIME MR. FOX - Release New Single Video "Mercy"

PRAY FOR PAIN - Release New Single Video "Forsaken"