eOn - Showcase The Thrill Of Rebellion In Video For “Highlanders” Off “Kalash Blood & Bones Pt. 1” Produced by Nicolas “Ranko” Muller (ex-Svart Crown)

Back in October, hardcore outfit EON, hailing from France, released a thunderous, thrashy EP “Kalash Blood & Bones Pt. 1” produced by Nicolas “Ranko” Muller (ex-Svart Crown) and unleashed via Tentacles Industries. Since then they have released two music videos for the singles “Welcome To The Pyramid” and “Come Down”; now they are releasing a third music video for “Highlanders”. With an already sizable catalog dating back to 1999, they are eager to deliver a visual element to their violent, melodic hardcore. They share their thoughts on the single, which is indeed a nod to the film:

“Musically, it begins with guitars harmonized in the style of Carcass then it goes on with modern metal and hardcore, there is a melodic guitar solo and a black metal passage. The singing style adapts to each part. Lyrically, we explain that we have been parading the fashions and some bands for years and that we are still there even more extreme than ever.”

For the writing of this record, EON felt free to break the codes and defy genre rules, they wanted to show that violence has several faces in this world through the lyrics: and they wanted to push the envelope to the extreme while keeping the melody. First and foremost, their music is made with liver performance and the energy of the pit in mind, but there are strategically placed breaths of melodic fresh air. Lyrically, “Kalash Blood & Bones Pt. 1” is uncompromising even if it may seem very violent or politically incorrect. They ask hard questions and encourage rebellion.

EON is recommended for fans of Napalm Death, Hatebreed, and Slayer.

“Kalash Blood & Bones Pt. 1” was released on October 13, 2022, via INNERCORE Prod. with distribution by Tentacles Industries, Season of Mist, and available on Tentaclesindustries.bigcartel.com, Eon-official.bandcamp.com, Spotify, Apple Music.

The music video for “Highlanders” can be seen and heard below!

Track Listing:

1. Come Down (3:15) 
2. Welcome To The Pyramid ( 3:23) 
3. Highlanders (3:49) 
4. Kalash (1:47) 
5. Locked In Hell (3:24) 
6. Fragging (4:18) 
7. Heads On Pikes (3:34)