HUNTING GIANTS - Goes Berserk w/ Animated Video "Remnants" Off New Album "Mythos" Out Now!

Vancouver, Canada's Hunting Giants have put together a very special "Berserk" inspired animated video for their track "Remnants", which is featured on their latest album "Mythos" released this past September. From the perspective of a hero in his final moments of life, "Remnants" explores the multi-faceted emotions and mentality it takes to sacrifice oneself for those they love. While hidden under the varying chords and melodies, this song maintains a hypnotic rhythm, which persists until the very last beat. Hunting Giants delve into the idea that death is inevitable and that the only way to truly conquer the grave is to live as an example and to inspire others into courageous action.

The band explains the song in further detail:

"For 'Remnants", the bass sets a frantic yet forlorn mood as the endless rhythm pounds out over vocals conveying the hopelessness of a hero who has been cornered by the demons he battles. A ghost-like wail recites the melody which the guitar previously squealed, leading to a triumphant chorus that speaks of the accomplishments our hero made in his life, which brought him to this moment. As the guitar sails out into the bridge, we are met with polyrhythmic percussion and persistent bass. Following the final chorus, our hero is supported by a choir of harmonies as he sacrifices his own life for those he loves. The band lets the gallop of the drums from Daniel Beavington set an almost power metal vibe as the vocals from Stephen Atkey set the stage for the story of war and words of victory, which is to come."

Watch and listen to "Remnants" below!

​“Mythos” new album is the crowning achievement of Hunting Giants' many years of musical work, writing, and recording while gigging and enduring quarantine as a band during the Covid pandemic. The members of Hunting Giants all came from, and are influenced by elements from prog, grunge rock, and various metal bands. The album's goal is to grab listeners and amaze them with intricate woven stories, energetic riffs, and distinctive vocals. The album is meant to be an adventure, with each track having its own flavour and setting; the songs are worlds unto themselves. All of the music on the release contribute to a listening experience that is much more than the sum of its parts. The material is an addictive encounter that will keep you coming back.

"This album is musically very diverse as it ranges from intense spine-chilling metal, down to gentle instrumental tracks peppered with melodic piano and haunting cello, all the way to epic ballads tastefully complimented by choirs, strings, and bells. Mythos lyrically explores archetypes, both heroic and villainous, that affect the world around us, as well as the inevitable fates which arise when these values are heinously held and expressed." adds the band.

Hunting Giants is recommended for those who enjoy 90s grunge, heavy rock, and prog, especially fans of Alice In Chains, I Mother Earth, Soundgarden, Tool, and Audioslave.

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1. Mythos - 3:28 
2. Ancient Text - 3:18 
3. Too Big To Kill - 3:06 
4. Rituals - 3:57 
5. Among Thieves - 5:28 
6. Whispers - 2:16 
7. Vanguard - 2:54 
8. Mantle - 3:19 
9. Kindred - 4:05 
10. Epitaph - 1:09 
11. Into Stone - 4:55 
12. Remnant - 4:00 
13. King of Ashes - 2:52