UNVERKALT - Release New Video "Below The Surface"

PSYCOREPATHS - Stream New Album "The Northwest Revenant"

MasaCritika - Unveil Video For New Single "Vertientes del Miedo"

AI MORI - Release Video For Linkin Park's Cover "Final Masquerade" In Russian

RUFUS MANN - Release Bass Cover Video of Motionless In White's "Soft"

THE JASTA SHOW - Randy Blythe Of Lamb Of God In The New Podcast Episode (VIDEO)

STALGIC - Reveal Video For New Single "Changes"

VISCERAL UPROOTING - Unleash Single "Human Manure"

SKYBINDER - Release Guitar Playthrough Video For New Single "Mirage"

THE GHOST I SEE - Release New Single Video "Four Walls"

ALEX TERRIBLE - Release Vocal Cover Of Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

DEXCORE - Release New Video "Naked"

ARIAH - Drop New Single “Apokalypsys”

YOUR CYNICAL SANITY - Release New Single "Doom Town"

††† (CROSSES) - Chino Moreno (DEFTONES) Side Project Share New Single "The Beginning Of The End"

ADAM BJÖRK - Release Drum Cover Of LORNA SHORE's "Darkest Spawn"

GOREBAG - Unleash New Single "Amputated and Refrigerated"

TENTH PLANET - Launch New Single "Altered States"

ANNISOKAY - Release 2020 Live Show Vlog

ABSTRAKT - Release New Single "Radiant Darkness"

THE LAST REIGN - Release New Video "Terminal Threshold"

OLD SELVES - Brit Newcomers Detail Stunning Debut EP & More!

ILLUSION OF SOLACE - Drop New Single "Aberration"

KILLRBUCKEYE - Release Guitar Cover of FEAR FACTORY's "Regenerate"

INFILTRATION - Release New Video "Missing In Bodycount"

MALFESTED - Stream Debut Album "Shallow Graves"

COLOSSUS OF DESTINY - Stream Brand New Album "Last Call"

SOUND OF MEMORIES - Stream New Album "The Sand Within"

EXIMPERITUS - Premiere New Song"Tahâdu"

FALL BEFORE YOUR CREATOR - Unveil New Single "Can Such Things Be"

ENDGAME - Release New Video For The Weeknd's Cover "The Hills"

PERVERSITY DENIED - Unleash New Single "Alien Gods The Truth Of The Lie"

JINJER - Watch Drummer Vlad Ulasevich Playing On Piano Rachmaninov "Prelude"

SOUL EXTRACT - Present New Single "Lacuna"

FAR'N'HATE - Release A New Video For The Single "Prison Of Self"

IGNESCENT - Launch New Single "Goodbye"

BRING ME THE HORIZON - Jordan Fish Breaks Down "Parasite Eve" (VIDEO)

OEDON - Drop New Single "Flora" With Lyric Video

TOBINES - Release LINKIN PARK's Drum Cover "Faint"

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE - Share New Single "Deutsches Handwerk + Lass deinen Müll auf dem Festivalgelände liegen"

COLDUN - Release New Video "The Forest And The Soul"

CALEB H DRUMMER - Watch 6 Year Old Drummer Covering SLIPKNOT's "The Heretic Anthem"

BASHDOWN - Release New Single "Checkmate"

AFTERGLOW - Release New Single "Breathe In"

SATANICE - Release New Single Video "Anality Brutality" (Feat. Maw Drummer)

PROSPECTIVE - Release Guitar Playthrough Video "Disobey"

METAL IN PUBLIC - Watch How People React To blessthefall

BONECARVER - Previously Known As Cannibal Grandpa Change Name

DARKO - Side Project Of Baby J of EMMURE and Tom Barber of CHELSEA GRIN Share New Single Video "Pale Tongue"

KILL THE LIGHTS - In The New DTB’s Episode “First Concert Ever”

ANTROPOFAGO - Unleash New Single "The Protagonist"

TrineATX - Reveal New Video "Half Alive"

ENTER SHIKARI - Watch "The Great Unknown" (Live At Home)

DESCAPE - Release Drum Playthrough Video "Worthless"

MADZILLA - Present Video For New Single "Destiny's Eyes"

SCREAM AT THE SKY - Release New Video "World of Hate"

DJINN-GHÜL - Stream New Album "Sordes Pyramis"

SIGNS - Unleash New Single "Endoparasitoid" (Feat. Ian Bearer of RINGS OF SATURN)

VINYL GRANDE - Release Debut Video "Little Things"

PITCH BLACK PROCESS - Release Music Video "Heroes of 2020" (Feat. Cengiz Tural)!