IN FLAMES - Talk About The Live Experience: Touring For The Clayman Album (VIDEO)

PSYCHOMANTEUM - Drop New Single "Future Factions"

SPACE OF VARIATIONS - Release New Video "Room 57"

VORACIOUS SCOURGE - Release New Song "Defleshed Messiah" With Lyric Video

METALLICA - Release Live Video "Moth Into Flame" From Upcoming S&M2

GORATORY - Unleash New Single "I Shit Your Pants"

GOJIRA - Reveal Video For New Single "Another World"

RETRACE THE LINES - Present Video For New Single "We'll Make This Room Feel Like Hell"

IN HEARTS WAKE - Release New Song "Moving On"

PSYCHOTYPE - Release Video For New Single "Sweet Madness"

MIRARI - Release New Single "Hell Doesn't Wait"

LASTELLE - Present Video For New Single "Coping Without A Cure"

AS I MAY - Announce New Drummer and Rescheduled 2021 Euro Tour Dates

ALASE - Release New Single and Music Video “Jäljet”

CULT OF LILITH - Launches Video for New Single "Purple Tide"

ANAAL NATHRAKH - Release Title Track 'Endarkenment' and Share Details for New Album

ILLUMINATED MINERVA - Release New Track “Sightings” From Upcoming EP

ANKOR - Release New Video "Hill Valley"

KILL THE IMPOSTER - Unleash New Single 'Dungan Hills'

METAL IN PUBLIC - Watch How People React To Silverstein

STATION 6 - Share New Single "A Nameless Threat"

PAPA ROACH - Watch Live Studio Video For "Legacy"

FILTH - Unleash "Hell" With New Single Video

EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO - Release Drum Cover Video of Bring Me The Horizon's "Thorn"

RED MEANS NO MERCY - Drop New Single "Scarmed"

FALSEGIVER - Release New Single Video "Берсерк [Berzerker]"

SAVING VICE - Release Motionless In White Cover "Another Life"

LORD OF THE LOST - Shows Us Their Hometown (VIDEO)

66SAMUS - Release Drum Cover Of Slipknot's "People=Shit"

EARTHISTS. - Release New Single Video "Sunblood"

RUFUS MANN - Release Bass Cover Video of Bring Me The Horizon's "Shadow Moses"

INFECTED RAIN - Watch Sixth Video Recap Of Their European Tour With Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie

METALLICA - Release Full Show "Live in Dallas, Texas - August 3, 2000"

BURIED ABOVE GROUND - In The DTB’s Series “First Concert Ever”

CRYSTAL LAKE - Release New Video "Into The Great Beyond"

MISSTIQ - Release Short Collab Video With Within Destruction Guitarist

DARK USURPER - Release New Video "Black Moon Ritual"

RESISTOR - Release New Single Video "Dead Air"

LUFEH - Release New Video "Doors"

PERFECT NME - Unleash "Shadow Of Doubt" Lyric Video

STINKY - Unveil Video For Unplugged Version Of 'Rough Diamond

LATE NIGHT SAVIOR - Share New Single "Monster"

THE WORD ALIVE - Watch Live Drum Cam "Broken Circuit"

HARROWAY - Release New Single Video "System Era"

EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO - Release Drum Cover Video of Linkin Park's "Faint"

WITNESS THE MARTYR - Unveil New Single "Crowd-Killing in the Conference Room"

ENDYMION - Share New Single "The Anomaly"

PATHOLOGY - In The New DTB’s Series “Preshow Rituals”

INHUMAN ARCHITECTS - Drop Video For New Single "Interplanetary Suffering"

TRIVIUM - Matt Heafy On Livestream Show, Twitch & New Music (VIDEO)

AUGUST BURNS RED - Release Drum Playthrough Video "Bloodletter"

VIO-LENCE/EX-MACHINE HEAD - Phil Demmel Shows Us His Favorite Shirt Ever (VIDEO)

DEFILER - Release Music Video For Mulan Cover "I'll Make A Man Out Of You"

IN HEARTS WAKE - Jake Taylor Talks Creative Process For New Album ‘KALIYUGA’

СЛОТ - Release Home Video For "День закрытых дверей"

AI MORI - Release Video For Motionless In White Cover "Voices" (Feat. Ник Черников) In Russian

VICKY FATES - Release Drum Cover Of Slipknot's "Psychosocial" With Yauhen

MIRONOGA - Share New Single "Six"

THE JASTA SHOW - Edsel Dope Of Dope & Tony Campos Of Static X In The New Podcast

KEERA - Release Vocal Cover Of Evanescence "Lithium"

MINIATURE DRUMS - Watch Linkin Park's "What I've Done" Played On Miniature Drums

MY HANDS TO WAR - Present New Vidoe "You Don’t Deserve This At All"

SUN EATER - Unleash New Single "The Advent" (Feat. Kilian Savas of Untethered)

ARTIFICIAL SKY - Release Drum Playthrough Video "Afterglow"

CHRISTINA ROTONDO - Release Cover Of Evanescence "Bring me to Life"

RELENTLESS 3 - Drop New Single "The Dawn" With Lyric Video

ALEX TERRIBLE - Release Vocal Cover Of Slipknot's "Disasterpiece"

TALLAH - Release Drum Playthrough Video For "The Silo"

EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO - Release Drum Cover Video of Slipknot's "Unsainted"

EUGENE RYABCHENKO - Release Chimaira's Drum Cover "Power Trip"

FERNANDO LAMUS - Release Drum Cover Of Slipknot's "Before I Forget"

ATLAS OF ELYSIAN - Release New Vidoe "Elysian Gates (Alaya II)"