PSYCOREPATHS - Stream New Album "The Northwest Revenant"

The pioneers of the Extreme Greek Metallic Hardcore, are back with their second Full-Length album entitled: "The Northwest Revenant". 8 tracks full of anger and enlightenment through pain and despair, making this album their heaviest release till now! A mix of heavy breakdowns, h8000 styled riffs, and lyrics are taken straight from the darkest days of one's soul have. Recorded at Music Art lab Studios Athens and finalized with a heavy production by W.D. (Chelsea Smile, All for Nothing, Manu Armata, and many more) in the Netherlands.

Stream the full album below!

Psycorepaths is an extreme hardcore band, established in Northwest Greece and more specifically in Corfu island, by the Masterminds of Northwst Extreme Music Scene, in fall of 2004. At the end of 2013 the band re-established in Athens Greece, with a new line up. After their 16 years of existence, they had release an amount of demos and official releases, which with their every release their sound become more.

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