SOUL EXTRACT - Present New Single "Lacuna"

Glitched-out electronics and crunchy guitar riffs meet melodic vocal harmonies on Soul Extract’s brand new single, "Lacuna." This midtempo thumper reveals a perfectly patient songwriting style that ebbs and flows, building tension across its running time to hit listeners with increasingly powerful sonic blasts. "Lacuna" continues the build-up to Soul Extract’s next full-length album and is out now on all platforms from independent electronic rock label FiXT.


Cerebral. Beautiful. Violent. Soul Extract taps into a wealth of human emotions and experiences to generate a listening space that is as intense and unpredictable as life itself. The personal inspiration for Soul Extract’s creations gives every song an invigorating level of creative clarity, and the artist’s willingness to smash through genre barriers puts him at the forefront of modern music.