COLDUN - Release New Video "The Forest And The Soul"

German Atmospheric Progressive Metal outfit, COLDUN have released a new music video "The Forest And The Soul", taken from the new album "Grand Sun Ritual", out January 15th, 2021.

Frontman Coldun says, "It's about a transcendental journey in the transition between life and death, which is interwoven with the symbolism of the forest as a place of connection with creation. The song describes the beautiful feeling of walking this transition - like flying through a forest perfectly."


1. Grand Sun Ritual 
2. The Forest And The Soul 
3. Down Below 
4. Salvation Day 
5. Stories Untold 
6. Hail Out To Thebes 
7. I Dreamed That Dream 

Initiated as a solo project by singer Coldun himself in 2006, COLDUN has meanwhile grown into a veritable formation. 
The group is made up of top-class musicians and long-time companions, all of whom have gained experience and competence through various band activities and projects in the last 20 years.
On the impressively art-minded 2014 second work "Collapsing Polarities" the whole timeless class of COLDUN's aesthetic-philosophically impregnated work is already revealed.

"Grand Sun Ritual", a real soul slurper, shows influences from Doom to Post Metal and connects both worlds, which the tasteful creators love so much. Thus, COLDUN let atmospheric and deeply rich ambient sounds come together with wild Rock/Metal guitar riffs and drums in an amazingly fluid way, deliciously refined with the classic aroma of 70s guitar and Hammond feeling.

The necessary edge in the often majestic sound image is provided by hard, sometimes even post-black stagings, which can ultimately bring a modern, but always fully genuine and down-to-earth high-class sound to brilliant radiance.

In terms of content, the new long-player revolves around the eternally topical questions of humanity about the respective meaning of life and death. The thought-provoking lyrics of the songs show a radically positive basic tenor, which stands for Coldun's personal conviction that in death nothing is absolute - and certainly not an end.

In recent years he has developed and cultivated relevant impulses for this insight as a distinctly spiritual character by means of various journeys to areas of the world that are correspondingly revealing for him.