WOUNDED - Drop Debut Single "Another Life"

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Watch The Interview With Matt Tuck for

GODHAND - Stream Debut Single "Neglected"

OUR LAST NIGHT - Reveal New Single and Video "Soul Speak"

KILL THE SILENCE - Release New Video "Memories"

CROSSFAITH - Release New Music Video For "Destroy"

BLEED SOMEONE DRY - Drop New Single And Video "Unorthodox"

LILITH AND THE KNIGHT - Acclaimed Brit Hard Drop New Video

CRYSTAL LAKE - Drop New Video "Aeon" Feat. AJ from ISSUES

TREMONTI - Present New Lyric Video "Trust"

WINDRUNNER - Unveil New Song "Narcissus"

MINORS - Release New Video "Flesh Prison"

BODYSNATECHER - Watch The Interview With SoundlinkTv

GOD OF NOTHING - Drop New Video "1075"

AMBASSADOR - Reveal New Lyric Video

ENTER SHIKARI - Release Two Live Albums On 15th February 2019, European Tour Starts Next Month

ALBORN - Releases Music Video for "Full Circle"

FAR AWAY - Unveiled First Single From Upcoming Album With "Uyuni's Lullaby"

ALL THAT REMAINS - Embark On European Tour - A Celebration Of The Late Oli Herbert - Starting Next Week

BLACKLIST 9 - Sign With Eclipse Records

BRUTAL ASSAULT 2019 - New Confirmation Arrived!

STRANGER DIMENSIONS - Release New Video "Dying Light"

CHILD OF WASTE - Drop New Single "I, Atlas" With Lyric Video

ATREYU - Watch The Interview With Alex Varkatzas

JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED - Drop New Single/Video "No Brother, No Friend"

CATCHLIGHT - Offered Their 'Amaryllis' Remastered Reissue for Free Download

STONE SOUR - Release New Live Video "Cold Reader"

SOLD SOUL - Drop New Single "Dread Father" Featuring Cameron McBride of Methwitch

CSMNT - Release New Song "Remembrance"

PAPA ROACH - Announce "Who Do You Trust" UK Tour

UNEARTH - Released Their New Album "Extincion(s)"!

PATHETIC FALLACY - Release Music Video for "2018"

PORN - Announce The Release of Their Fourth Album The Darkest of Human Desires – Act II

SONDER - Release New Single "A Wicked Place"

BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE - Release Music Video for Cover of ALAN WALKER's Hit Single "Faded"

SEVENDUST - Will Start “Return to the Kingdom” UK Tour

HOLLYWOOD NIGHTMARE - Release New Video "Moving On"

VIOLET ORLANDI - Release Marilyn Manson's Cover "The Speed Of Pain"

BURY TOMORROW - Watch "An Honourable Reign" and "Black Flame" Live From Antwerp, Belgium

ANDREW BAENA - Release Gojira Guitar Riff Evolution Video

BEARTOOTH - Watch Caleb Shomo In Rock Sound's First Time, Last Time Series

REGROWTH - Release New Video "I'll Know What To Do"

OUR HATE - Drop New Video "Smash In The Face"

SUNFALL - Release New Video "Snake"

HEARD BY EYES - Release Video For Cover of CHVRCHES “Miracle”

FROM VOID TO ABYSS - Release New Video "Alice"

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Watch The Interview With

THE DARKEST MOMENT - Drop New Single and Video "Reality Stalling"

FERNANDO LAMUS - Release Architects "Hereafter" Drum Cover Video

BRING ME THE HORIZON - Watch The Full Show From AFAS, Amsterdam, 20th November 2018

IMMERSE - Drop New Single and Video "Glass House"

BAD OMENS - Reveal New Single and Video "The Hell I Overcame"

LOST CREATION - Stream New Album "Tales of Hatred"

KILL - Release Debut Video "Domestic Silence" Feat. Zach Hatfield of Left Behind