JEFFERY NOTHING - Ex-Mushroomhead Vocalist Speaks Out Against Former Band Members

Former Mushroomhead vocalist, Jeffrey Nothing, speaks out against his former band members in a recent discussion on the ADHD Podcast. The full podcast can be found below!

Nothing left Mushroomhead in March of 2018, stating: "I am coming to you today with a heavy heart to announce that I am leaving Mushroomhead. It is a decision that I did not make easily, but one I made for reasons that are best for me as an artist and musician at this juncture in my career." The vocalist went on to thank "the craziest, fucking loyal and amazing fans" for the "once in a lifetime privilege" of performing for them while touring and recording with the group.

With Jeffrey Nothing exiting the band, that leaves the band with J. Mann as their sole vocalist. The band has employed as many as three vocalists at one time, with Waylon Reavis leaving the band in 2015. Jackie LaPonza has been a touring member of the group in recent years adding vocals for the band as well. Drummer Steve "Skinny" Felton is the lone band member who has been a constant since their start back in 1993.

In a recent episode of the ADHD Podcast, Nothing states:

"My issue was there was only one chief (Steve Felton)... and that's not how it started. That really catapulted us all backwards. I feel like we could have done so much more. I hear that classic bands that I love never got along. It makes you wonder how some things would have went, had they gone a different route. I'm lucky I get to do this different route now. It's definitely like shackles off... just in life itself. It's like I woke up again. I really appreciate all the kind words and look forward to adding to the catalog. I hope everyone feels from what's coming up... it's an exciting time. Things could have all been different and friendly, but I don't believe my former band has that in their vocabulary. I never wanted it like that. It's odd. I left the band because I couldn't do it anymore. I stayed for a long time for the fans and it just got to be like, sorry I just can't do it anymore. I was trying to leave on semi-amicable terms and then that never happened."

"They put out rumors that my voice is fucked, my ears are fried, and I "can't do it anymore"... and I'm doing it. I'm proving them wrong with everything I do now. It's like, your lies are blowing up in your face. What do you have to say now? I don't even need to hear from them. I'm just happy I'm still doing it and moving forward stronger. We had way other intentions when we started. I thought the guy was my friend. It's ridiculous. I hired him as a 19 year old drummer, his brother was like, "No, let's keep looking." and I was like, "No, that's the guy." That's that pat on the back I get. Pat, stab... there's the same letters in there somewhere. It's all good. I'm in a gigantically better place and I'm looking forward on everything to come. People are like, "How can you sell off your memorabilia?" and I'm like, "That's the past. I would rather have the money and use that to make my new record. It is what it is."

"Nobody should tell you what you're supposed to do. That's not music. That's not art. Period. The guy actually put a time-clock in our studio. It's like, when does anyone create on a schedule? It's when it comes to you. I was thinking to myself, there's only one way I would ever punch that. It was insane. I don't know what happened there, but something definitely went wrong. What is wrong with this guy? I thought he was my GREAT friend. I don't even know who he is."

"I got to the point where I didn't even want to go on tour anymore. There was one tour where I felt like I was in need of having every tooth pulled out of my head, the stress was so bad it felt like that. That ended up not being the case, once I got home I was fine. Sometimes a bus can feel like a prison cell or your bunk can feel like a casket... or you're doing time or you're not even alive anymore. Everybody always says that touring is a thing that isn't for everybody. If it's like the way it's supposed to be or you expect it to be or dream of it being, it's probably fine for most bands... it just gets to where sometimes there's a split in the power world that never needed to happen and we should all be getting along and we're not. We're not allowed to. That's the hardest part of it from my experience. When it was cool, I liked it. When it became somebody's little game, for lack of a better word, it became very ugly and something I wanted to get out of as soon as I could. And just to watch the "KING", so to speak, and his minions torture a guy (Thomas Church) that you consider a friend and co-writer in my band now. That was the last thing I could take. When it was happening to myself it didn't bother me so much as... I couldn't watch it happen to somebody I cared about. The sampler guy (Rick Thomas), who doesn't even really play anything and never has, would just torture the guy emotionally. That's one of the main reasons why I'm not there anymore... or him. He would not give him his buyout, not give him his per diem, and he thought it was SO funny... and just be an asshole to him for no reason. The guy never really has wrote a thing and then he'll just push pre-programmed samples on stage and pretend to play piano now or keyboards... and just one of the biggest asshole I've ever met in my life and I don't understand why that is. I've come to the conclusion that the people involved that really don't have talent, go out of their way to belittle and dehumanize those that do, because they're jealous... is all I can think of. That's all that makes sense to me. And it's from top to bottom of that project (Mushroomhead) and a large portion of the people who are still out there are the champions of that world... not really having the talent. I'll get arguments from this, moving forward, about how much that main guy does... but, I've looked up song writing in the rock format situation and playing drums and arranging... neither one is considered song writing. The person that comes up with the melody and the lyricist are the writers. That's not how my guitarist that quit, nor I, was paid. The royalty world is a complete sham. It's like, when do we get what we're due?"

"One of the last things for me was, there's a couple of them... my guitarist told 2 crew members on our way home from Germany that our storage unit was an hour from the airport. He said, "I'm gonna be sleeping. Make sure my guitars get home. Even if I have to pay for 'em." His guitars got left in Germany. His favorite fucking guitars, one of 'em. Six months later, through communicating with the people at the storage unit place and our first tour manager over there, I got them home personally. And then we're in the airport, the bass player and I, the bass player lived with me for 6 years... I go, "Did he leave his guitars in storage?" and the guy said, "Fuck him. He'll be out of the band in a month." It took me until March to officially quit. I quit that day in my mind. It's just like, how can you treat a human being so terribly? And then I'm tracking, or getting ready to track and my buddy that I hired at 19 tells me THAT bass player and his (Felton's) girlfriend are the real assets in the band. Doesn't say ME, who's been there since second one along with him. Or who never missed a show besides one when I came home for my daughter's grandfather's funeral. Or who wrote 85 percent of the lyrics always... just... I'm not an asset. It's cool."

Jeffrey Nothing, also known as Jeff Hatrix (born Jeffrey Lewis Hetrick), formerly the haunting voice and co-founder behind Cleveland's pioneering alterna-metal and industrial collective MUSHROOMHEAD, has resurfaced with his solo project JEFFREY NOTHING (also known as NOTHING). Newly released are 2 brand new singles and videos for "Dead Space / Dead Inside" and "Fragile Mind" The tracks are available now for download and across all streaming platforms.

The videos for "Dead Space / Dead Inside" and "Fragile Mind", which were produced and edited by Rob Neilson of Wired Digital, can be seen below.

"Dead Space / Dead Inside" Video:
"Fragile Mind" Video:

Nothing has re-teamed up with fellow former MUSHROOMHEAD guitarist Thomas Church, following their departure from the band this past March 2018. Also appearing is former MOTOGRATER and THE BROWNING drummer Noah "Shark" Robertson and vocalist Ian D, bassist Kahler Hatrix, among other members yet to be announced.

NOTHING recently performed Rocktoberfest in Kansas and Hatrixfest in Cleveland with A KILLER'S CONFESSION, featuring ex-MUSHROOMHEAD vocalist Waylon Reavis. The trio of former members reunited on stage for the first time in years.

Nothing's distinct vocals had driven MUSHROOMHEAD's frightening and extreme performance style, garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and allowed them to sell more than one million albums worldwide.

Jeff's debut solo album, 2011's "The New Psychodalia", included the single "Sin O' Cism". In 2013, Jeff starred in the movie "13th Sign". Jeff was also the singer of Cleveland-based thrash metal band HATRIX, as well as fronting the group PURGATORY in the mid-'80s.