PATHETIC FALLACY - Release Music Video for "2018"

NJ Metal band Pathetic Fallacy have shared their debut music video "2018," a heavy track inspired by George Orwell's book "1984." The song is from the band's upcoming EP Regicide, due out on December 8th.

"The reason that the song is named '2018' is to convey the idea that some of the societal norms present in '1984' are actually present in today’s society to some degree," says vocalist Julian Worden. "The lyrics are from the perspective of the book’s main character and they’re referring to the every day struggles he faced. We were able to tie this plotline into the video by having the actor portray the main character of the book and by having him wander around the woods while paranoid and aware of the fact that he was being watched by all the members of the band, who symbolized Big Brother."

Since “2018” is the band's first attempt at a music video, there was a bit of a learning curve. Most of the clip’s ideas came about right on the spot, with the band uncertain of where they were going to shoot even up until the actual day of filming. The video ended up being a group effort where each member contributed ideas for different shots to be used. The actor you’ll see in the video is Christian Sasso, a friend of the band’s who has supported them since the release of their debut EP The New Years Tapes in 2017.


  1. PF vocalist here, thanks so much for the feature we really appreciate it!!


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