VALLEY - Release New Video "Painting Memories"

GHØSTKID - Release New Single "Hollywood Suicide"

MARINA - Unleash New Single Video "The Hatemonger"

SPHINX - Unleash Video For New Single "The Void, Everlasting"

AI MORI - Release Attack on Titan OP 7 "The Rumbling" Cover With Alex Terrible of SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL

ANASTASIA SEREDA - Share Drum Playthrough Video For I PREVAIL's "Bow Down"

FALLING IN REVERSE - Release New Single Video "Watch The World Burn"

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY - Share Heavy New Single “Day in the Life of a Fool”

LOUISE DISTRAS - Releases Long Awaited New Single ‘Girl In The Mirror’ Ahead Of Her Album Release In April

HONEYBADGER - Kick Off 2023 With Their Newest Single "Cold Wind"

InTechnicolour - Stream Video For "Eastman"; More Live Dates Announced

ABBIE FALLS - Share Video For New Single "Death Row"

RITTHANA - Release New Single "Kingdom I"

ALONE IN THE MORGUE - Unleash New Single "Prevalent Eradication"

ARRAYS - Release New Single Sam Smith's Cover "Unholy"

KNOSIS - Ex-CRYSTAL LAKE Ryo Kinoshita New Band Release Debut Single "星砕 [SEISAI]"

ELECTRIC CALLBOY - Reveal New Video For "PUMP IT" Velvet Remix

ARTIFICIAL SUN - Joins Sliptrick Records


LIFT THE CURSE - Present New Single "Love Wins"

BOTTOMFEEDERS - Unleash New Single Video "Metaphysical Paradox"

RITUAL OF DESPAIR - Unleash EXPLICIT Gore&Violence Video For New Single "The Consequence of Weakness"

PUNITIVE - Reveal Video For New Single "Kissed by the Scar"

NORMA JEAN - Share New Video Single "1994"

OUR LAST NIGHT - Release New Video For "The Darkness Turns to Light" (from BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE)

LEPRETHERE - Share New Single "Worthless"

ASTER - Release New Single Video "I.O.T.M.A (The Retro Princess)"

GLOOMLURKER - Drop Debut Single "Heeter"

WERATHERDIE - Release Lyric Video "The First Settlers"

NEFARIUS - Release New Single "Supreme God" (Feat. Daniel Gorgievski of DVST)

SLAY SQUAD - Unveil Video For New Single "X"

ARCHETYPES COLLIDE - Share Video For New Single "What If I Fall"

DARK HAND - Drop New Single "Lay Waste"

EVERGHOST - Release Debut Single Video "Instinct"

COLLAPSE OF COLOUR - Launch Video For New Single "The Serpent's Isle"

PARTING WITH ORIGIN - Release New Single Video "Death Before Dishonour"

DRAGGED OUT - Share Video For New Single "Bastard Son"

aneverlow. - Release New Single Video "Depersonalized"

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - Release Lyric Video For "Death Punch Therapy"

CLASHMUTE - Release New Single "Demoraliser"

KVBRICK STARE - Drop Video For New Single "Like Waves"

LOCKET - Present New Single Video "Sonic Bloom"

OUR LAST CRUSADE - Release New Video "Void Cvlt"

IN TONGUES - Unleash New Single "Infernal Misery"

HYEENA - Present Video For New Single "Cold Reality"

PAPA ROACH - Release New "Cut The Line" Feat. Caleb Shomo of BEARTOOTH

ATREYU - Share New Single Video "Drowning"

SET FOR TOMORROW - Release New Video Single "Vile Minds"

LIONS AT THE GATE - Ex-ILL NINO Members Release Video For New Single "The Ledge"

PlainView - Reveal Video For New Single "Hate Me Like You Mean It"