HOG MEETS FROG - Shares Amusing Single “Peeping-Bear's Exegesis of Not Peeping”

Hog Meets Frog is nothing short of humorous and entertaining with its diverse, wacky music. They have a new EP “humANIMALization” coming out in February and are enticing listeners with the debut single “Peeping-Bear's Exegesis of Not Peeping”. A non-conceptual concept record, it explores offbeat stories about several intriguing animals including a bigot monkey, an insecure piggy, a peeping control bear, and a greedy stock market bull. Their high jinks are detailed through storytelling and interesting music that is cheerful, funky, fuzzy, and progressive. The band explains further:

“Every person has his or her own world of experience, which we do not want to give a framework. Everyone should see in the album what he or she sees in it. It is always a nice compliment when people tell us that they had fun listening to our music. Because we also want to convey fun. We are also happy when people not only see the music or the obvious sides of the stories, but also go through the looking glass to look for the deeper meaning behind it, which can be found in almost every number. In any case, interpretations are not only allowed but encouraged. For those who want to know what we were thinking, we are happy to talk about it.”

“humANIMALization” is the third EP from Hog Meets Frog, two of the tracks including this single were released previously, but itching to have another physical offering, they gathered five cohesive songs that offer metaphors into current events and provide commentary on social systems in place, in this case, the NSA scandal.

Influenced by a range of genres including progressive metal, death metal, funk, and world music, Hog Meets Frog is only defined by itself and is unexpectedly contagious. They are recommended for fans of Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and System of a Down.

Listen to “Peeping-Bear's Exegesis of Not Peeping” below!

“humANIMALization” is due out on February 24, 2023, and available for pre-order - Hogmeetsfrog.bandcamp.com

Track Listing:

1. Of Snakes ‘n’ Moles ‘n’ Bulls ‘n’ Dough (4:32) 
2. Peeping-Bear’s Exegesis of Not Peeping (5:10) 
3. Apes Don’t Smoke Cigars – Just Pipes (4:47) 
4. Stuff(ed), Cage(d) & Enslave(d) (3:25) 
5. ZIGGY The Unpigcorn (3:46)