WRITING THE FUTURE - Releases New Single Video "Sk1nD3ad"

Driven by the desire to be part of the solution rather than the problem, Writing The Future raises the metal-axe for those who can't do it alone. They offer a punch to the face in all the colors of the rainbow, a rush of feelings that will make you lose your breath.

Their emphasis lies in their pride to stand up for themselves and fight for the mutual goals between them and their fans and followers. Expect to relate if you have ever been bullied, abused, or depressed or if you have opinions on religion, climate or world health

Today they release their new single ‘Sk1nD3ad’, continuing to expand on their patented sound and concept. It's a fierce uptempo song that feels like a brutal and captivating tornado of emotions which is something that reflects in the music video - we dare you to watch it! Sk1nD3ad is the last single ahead of their upcoming album.