SEASONS - Release New Single Video "Dead Sea"

DEAD IN ANOTHER DIMENSION - Release New Single Video "Bleed Me Out"

DEBT COLLECTOR - Unleash New Single "Desolate Dweller" (ft. Blake Curby)

CESSPOOL - Unleash New Single "Architects Of The Fallen"

NO KINGS ALLOWED - Release New Single Video ''A Bloodsoaked Crusade''

SIDIOUS - Release Video For New Single "onezero999"

ANNISOKAY - Share Abyss Tour Vlog Part 1

FATE DESTROYED - Release New Single Video, DEFTONES' Cover "My Own Summer (Shove It)"

DEAR RECKLESS - Present New Single Video "Spill My Guts"

GLASS CROWN - Share New Single "Shallow" (feat. Tyler Tate of HOLLOW FRONT)

DVST - Drop New Single Video "Empty Hearts // Empty Minds" (feat. PALEFACE SWISS)

REFLECTIONS - Release New Single Video "Alone"

FILTH - Unveil Video For New Single "Martyr"

DRILL - Drop New Single "Storm"

FALL FOR RISING - Share New Single Video "No Way Back"

TOMBRIPPER - Release New Single Video "Covetous"

REST ASIDE - Release New Single Video "Translucent"

CATSCLAW - Release New Single Video "Namesake"

WOMB ROT - Stream New EP "Bodiez In The Trunk"

AXIOMATIC DEMATERIALIZATION - Release New Single "Unearthly Domination" (ft. Alex Paul of Organectomy)

SYNAPSA - Drop New Single Video "Bleed Inside"

SABLE HILLS -- Joins Arising Empire Family, About To Release Brand New Single Video "Odyssey"

THE STYGIAN COMPLEX - Drop New Single "Bound By The Dirt"

ETERNAL BLOOM - Unleash New Single Video "Sadist"

MAYLA - Release New Video "Burner"

CRUELINTENT - Unleash New Single "Rot In Agony" (Feat. Kenny Stroh of DeadVectors and Sentinels)

DISLOCATE - Present Video For New Single "Condemned to Be Silent"

SHATTER - Release New Single "We Know Who We Are" feat. Zoli of EKTOMORF

COPING METHOD - Share New Single "Hypomania"

MINDGATE - Unveil Video For New Single "I'll be Fine"

DARKO US - Project Of Josh Miller of Ex-SPITE, EMMURE and Tom Barber of CHELSEA GRIN Drop New Single Video "Shanghai"

DEORBIT - (ft. members Northless, Ara) Shares Guitar Playthrough For Track "Deorbit" Off New Album “Retrogradient”

FREYA And RIG TIME! - Announce American Hardcore Tour Dates For January 2024

SRAI - Kuwait Band Put A Metalcore Spin On Traditional Feelings In Latest Single “Faith”

URSULA VS DE VIL - Hit Hard With New Single Video "Between a Villainous Duo"

LOYALTY ENDS HERE - Share Video For New Single "Deadweight"

SILENCE IN SOLITUDE - Reveal Video For New Single "This Fire"

THE NAMELESS - Unleash New Single Video "Avarice"

UNBOUND - Drop New Single Video "Crocodiles Don't Wear Pants"

WHERE'S MY BIBLE - Release New Single Video "Creator of Abyss"

VILDHJARTA - Release New Single "+ kristallfågel +"

SHOKRAN - Release New Single Video "Hathor: Drunken With Blood"

ESCUELA GRIND - Release New Single Video "Meat Magnet" feat. Barney Greenway of NAPALM DEATH