ESHTADUR - New Guitar Playthrough Unleashes The Wisdom of “Fire Above Mountain Below”

Guitarist Jorg August of Colombian melodic death metal quartet Eshtadur is unlocking the wisdom of his latest guitar playthrough for the band's newest single “Fire Above Mountain Below”. Jorg comments:

"Fire Above Mountain Below" conjures the ancient wisdom of the pre-Colombian tribes, phrasing 6/8 as a bambuco (Colombian folk rhythm) counterparts both guitars as the mystical connection that the mountain and the fire emerge in powerful magical forces."

"Fire Above Mountain Below," also incorporates traditional Colombian folk instruments like the Tiple, adding a distinctive cultural layer to Eshtadur’s music. The song tells the tale of a time long past when ancient mountain tribes lived in harmony with nature until Christianized settlers brought forth a dark chapter, displacing and even annihilating these tribes in pursuit of wealth and power.

The playthrough can be viewed and the music video for the track can be viewed below!

Along with it be available on digital platforms from Blood Blast Distribution at​

Eshtadur's previous single and music video “Umbra”, can be seen and heard at.

At the core of Eshtadur's music lies a deep passion for poetry, mysticism, and the exploration of existence and cosmogony. Conceptually rooted in darkness, combining melodic and catchy elements that draw inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, including Gothenburg death metal, black metal, and classical compositions They have had the honor of touring extensively in Europe and North America, playing alongside bands such as Cradle of Filth, Batushka, and Sepultura, and making an appearance at the revered 70000 tons of metal. They are recommended for fans of Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, and At The Gates.