STRIGAMPIRE - Now Streaming Immersive Death Metal Album “All To Dominate”

Canada’s national Wacken Metal Battle champs Strigampire are proud to be streaming their latest album “All To Dominate”, which they declare is the best production they've ever done. The album skillfully blends various musical elements, ranging from black/death metal to heavy metal and rock, offering a rich and diverse sonic experience. Vocalist Steve DC shares his thoughts on the album:

“The album tackles various themes such as personal struggles, global issues like economic inequalities and social injustices. I strive to write introspective lyrics, expressing emotions like sadness, frustration, and anger, but also hope and determination. With this album, we aim to provide an immersive listening experience for our fans. We want to take them on a journey through the various songs on the album, addressing diverse themes and emotions.”

“All To Dominate” contains powerful guitar moments, crazy solos, and impactful rhythms that demonstrate undeniable mastery of the instruments. However, the melodic and melancholic sections serve as a reminder that emotion remains at the core of each composition. This balance between technical expertise and emotional depth creates an intense and emotionally charged musical experience.

Strigampire has an old-school mindset when it comes to the track layout, and considers an album as a complete work that should be listened to from start to finish. “All To Dominate” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy), and the album artwork was done by Dan “Dotel” Turcotte. It is recommended for fans of Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, At The Gates, and Cradle Of Filth.

“All To Dominate” is due out on December 15, 2023, and can be heard in full via its album stream premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

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Track Listing​

1. Liberty (4:37) 
2. Dominate Them All (4:17) 
3. Sold Our Soul (5:31) 
4. In The Maze of The Lost (4:23) 
5. Where I Belong (6:11) 
6. Basking In Paradise (5:02) 
7. Death Silence (4:49) 
8. The Day I'll Join You (4:24) 
9. Brave The Tempest (4:21) 
10. TNT (AC/DC cover) (3:32)