DEORBIT - (ft. members Northless, Ara) Shares Guitar Playthrough For Track "Deorbit" Off New Album “Retrogradient”

Unveiling their debut album “Retrogradient” this past November, Milwaukee, USA’s Deorbit (ft. members Northless, Ara) offers up depictions of surreal aspects from the mind of guitarist Jerry Hauppa with each track merging cold aspects of the expanding universe with the organic familiarity of human understanding.

Today, Jerry Hauppa is giving some lessons in technical prowess with his latest playthrough for the last track entitled after the band on their debut album "Retrogradient". He comments about the song:

"A gradual falling out of the gravitational pull of the sun, shown in the note and tempo choices. The record ends on a mournful yet hopeful note, showing that the system we were bound to may have inhibited its full potential."

Watch the guitar playthrough below!

An instrumental amalgamation of influences from extreme metal, doom, psychedelic, and progressive, "Retrogradient" is a musical concept with a visual in mind of where our solar system is laid out as a double-helix system, showing the relationship between both the organic and inorganic elements spawned during the creation of the universe. Each track guides you through the realms of the universe and the depths of human understanding.

"'Retrogradient' is based on Carl Sagan's quote: “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself”. The album ebbs and flows through a planetary adventure, from the origins of humanity during the time of the Big Bang, to the depths of the molten core, onwards to the atmosphere, and everything in between through a natural lens and one that is more surreal." adds Hauppa.

Mixed by Dylan Patterson, mastered by Jeff Wojtysiak, and the artwork done by James Becker, Deorbit invites listeners to embark on an unparalleled sonic journey that challenges the boundaries of conventional music. "Retrogradient" seamlessly balances heaviness and clarity, offering complex musicality without compromising the significance of songwriting.

Expanding to reach as many fans across the universe, Deorbit is excited to share "Retrogradient" as a completely FREE download via their Bandcamp -​

Spotify -

Track Listing:​

1. Retrogradient - 3:16 
2. Perihelion - 4:29 
3. Terrakinetic - 4:44 
4. Lunambulant - 4:04 
5. Glaciovore - 2:57 
6. Calderasure - 4:09 
7. Senescence - 4:49 
8. Stratolith - 5:06 
9. Deorbit - 6:54