HATRED REIGNS - Prepares And Otherworldly Assault With “Ushered By Charon”, New Album "Awaken The Ancients" Out Now!

Ottawa, Canada’s Hatred Reigns is once again shaking the death metal world, this time with "Awaken The Ancients", a concept album that gives nods to classical literature and death metal titans that was released on December 1st, 2023. Taking modern metal into a new realm of technical riffs, abrasive gutturals, and chest-shaking blast beats, Hatred Reigns presents diverse musical influences in a deadly package that will appeal to a wide variety of headbangers. The band shares the lyrical theme behind the latest video for their single “Ushered By Charon”:

“Awakening to a surreal reality, the protagonist finds themselves in a desolate wasteland at the water's edge. Surrounding them are countless lost souls, adrift and purposeless. A vessel emerges on the horizon, guided by a disheveled figure at its helm—Charon, the Ferrier of souls. "Awaken The Ancients" is designed to be a complete listening experience, guiding the audience from Realm I: Affliction through the treacherous Realm II: Affirmation.”

Watch the video for “Ushered By Charon” via its premiere on ThCirclePit below!

The singles on this album serve as bookends, paying homage to the musician’s favourite bands while incorporating elements from songs in the middle of the album that resonated with them, offering a visually appealing representation of their music. The creation of the album was a collaborative effort, with guitarist Jeff Calder conceiving the songs and the band members infusing their own ideas into the final compositions. Some elements evolved over various arrangements, while others came together organically and swiftly with minimal adjustments.

Hatred Reigns intends to assault listeners' senses with a barrage of diverse soundscapes, creating an expansive and emotionally charged journey across the realms they explore in their epic voyage to Necropia. They are best suited for fans of Behemoth, Cryptopsy, and Suffocation.

"Awaken The Ancients" was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hatred Reigns vocalist Mitchi Dimitriadis, with album art designed by Pedro "Lordigan" Sena. The album is available at the following links:

Digital - https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/hatredreigns/awaken-the-ancients

Bandcamp - https://hatredreigns.bandcamp.com

Track Listing:​

1. Awaken The Ancients (5:20) 
2. Pain Leads To Nothingness (3:16) 
3. To Depths Unknown (2:40) 
4. Obsolarium (2:36) 
5. Ushered By Charon (5:23) 
6. Planes Divide (3:47) 
7. Absentia (4:58) 
8. Departing Acheron (3:43)