MAVIS - Debut Album Out Now "Grief Is No Ally", Release New Single Video "Limerent" feat. Lela of VENUES

German heavy music ensemble MAVIS, featuring vocalist Phil Donay, guitarist Manu Weller, bass player Mo Amrein, and drummer Jakob Schulz-Klein, are proud to present their first ever full length record »Grief Is No Ally«, out now worldwide via Arising Empire!

»Grief Is No Ally« marks a major step in their evolving career. The album, featuring eleven vibrant singles, captures their unique sound and lively performance style.

The band has also released a captivating music video for their standout track 'Limerent' enhanced by Lela Gruber's (VENUES) exceptional vocals. The video, a vivid representation of MAVIS's artistic vision, merges striking visuals with their dynamic music style, garnering significant attention and showcasing the strong synergy between MAVIS and Lela.

This first album reflects MAVIS's commitment and skill, with each single resonating deeply with fans. Their collaboration with Lela on 'Limerent' underscores their ability to forge impactful music industry connections. More than a mere album, this release is a declaration of MAVIS's artistic identity, positioning them as a promising new influence in the music scene, enthusiastically welcomed by both long-time and new fans.

Watch 'Limerent ft. Lela of VENUES' here Debut album »Grief Is No Ally« is now available as CD, limited colored vinyl, together with unique merch options at the Arising Empire online shop.

»Grief Is No Ally« track listing:

1. Insight 
2. Calypso 
3. Tortured Land 
4. Hollow Eyes 
5. Furry Tongue 
6. Monsters 
7. Reflections 
8. Limerent ft. Lela Gruber of VENUES 
10. Closer to the Sun 
11. Marcescence

The title of the record stands for 11 stories of different forms of grieving, ranging from it’s dark and negative sides to very positives and healthy aspects of embracing grief to let go. MAVIS planned the release of a full length in 2020 but were already struck with multiple setbacks in their young history. Not only the beginning of the pandemic hit them right at the start but lineup changes because of illness, mental issues or members growing apart from making music entirely. Just as they booked live shows again roughly 1,5 years ago, their bad luck peaked in a studio fire in which they lost instruments, equipment and all merchandise. Right around that time, the two remaining members of MAVIS found new drive as they could complete the line up once again. Since then the 4 musicians worked tirelessly on putting all their experiences into the songs that now make this jewel of a debut record. They went into the studio with a “nothing is holy”-attitude to produce the best music they can and their efforts paid off as finally everyone can hear.

Catch MAVIS live on the following dates:

16.12.2023 DE, Emmendingen, Juze