COPING METHOD - Share New Single "Hypomania"

Modern Metal outfit, Coping Method have released a new single  "Hypomania".

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Coping Method is a manufacturer of manuals on how to deal with the various issues of life. It’s major focus is the mental aspect. How do you cope when faced with betrayal? Depression? Anxiety? Grief? Etc. Each new edition of these manuals has at least 3 major units to cover, with various exercises for each category. We have designated three instructors to visibly and audibly demonstrate each exercise. The mission behind each exercise is to provide comfort, grace, and ultimately, solace to anyone who may listen. Whether it be through the catharsis of relating to the instructor expressing their own despair, or even sharing reflective moments of joy and nostalgia that we’ve all experienced throughout our lives, Coping Method is an outlet for all who experience the current world we live in. 
 Amidst the distorted undertones of low-tuned guitars, mangled synths, bludgeoning percussion, and ambient soundscapes, Lead Instructor Tyler Simpson communicates each exercise to our trainees with both sonorous and restrained timbres. Fellow instructors Jed Stark and Chad Wunderle help provide the sonic foundation for each trainee to integrate themselves into. We pride ourselves on being responsible members of our community, and have no greater desire than to provide assistance to our trainees and beyond. Music is the Coping Method, and we are merely here to help those take that first step.