SUPER MONSTER PARTY- Tap Your Feet And Bang Your Head To Latest Video “Dance Dance Revolution (Till The Death)”

Everyone get ready to party with the latest single “Dance Dance Revolution (Till The Death)” from Florida’s Super Monster Party!

Created from the vision of Rei Sega and his passion, growing up with videogames, Super Monster Party reimagines the lore of heroes and villains and presents familiar themes in imaginative, and humorous ways, of course with a heavy metal twist. Their latest single is in response to a fan request to rework the infamous arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. The track was co-produced with Matt Laplant (Non-Point, Ellefson, Saliva) and also features guests, award-winning saxophonist Hugo Lee and guitarist Oleh Andrievsky, who lives in Ukraine, and recorded all his parts during the war.

“‘Dance Dance Revolution (Till the Death)’ is the second single we released from our upcoming new EP “Rage Quit”, which will be released sometime in 2024. It’s a song inspired by the popular dance game of the same name. The song takes you on a journey as a player inside the game with some twists and turns,” adds Rei Sega.

Super Monster Party writes original songs inspired by popular video games of our past and present. Each song is dynamically different in musical composition, vocal arrangements, and style keeping the music fresh and entertaining. While the lyrics stay unique and true to the game’s lore, attention is paid in providing a relatable connection to those who might be unfamiliar with the games.

The musical content may be tongue-in-cheek, but it does come from serious musicians. Emilio Martinez is also the bassist of Ynwgie Malsteen and Fernando Lemus also drums in Lions at the Gate.

Get your feet ready to dance and your head ready to bang, and you'll be all set for the latest installment from this heavy-hitting, party band that is recommended for fans of other fun bands such as Electric Callboy, Andrew Wk, and Dragonforce.

Watch the music video for “Dance Dance Revolution (Till The Death)” below!

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