VIOLET ORLANDI - Release New Cover Video Of Linkin Park's "Heavy"

ALTER BRIDGE - Unveil Video For New Single "Wouldn't You Rather"

PARKWAY DRIVE - Watch The Full Live Show at Southside Festival 2019

JINJER - Watch "Words of Wisdom" and "Ape" Live at Full Force Festival 2019

ANTHEMS - Release New Single and Video "Patience"

GODSMACK - Watch The Interview From Download Festival UK 2019

VULVODYNIA - Stream New Album "Mob Justice"

METALLICA - Release Live Footage of "No Leaf Clover" From Cologne, Germany - June 13, 2019

THEWARWITHIN - Stream New Single "Mercy"

SLIPKNOT - Watch Live "Custer" at Mystic Festival in Kraków, Poland - June 25, 2019

ANUP SASTRY - Stream New EP "Illuminate" Featuring Guests Andy Cizek of Wvnder, and Makari, Mike Semesky of Raunchy, Chaney Crabb of Entheos

MURDER SERMON - Stream New EP "World of illusion"

QUESTIONED BY HUMANITY - Release New Single "Fixation Of A Palingenesist"

WHITECHAPEL - Watch Phil Talk About New Album, Summer Festivals, His Favourite Singers

TOMKARP - Release Guitar Cover Video of Limp Bizkit's "It'll Be Ok"

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KEEPSAKE - Present Video For New Single "Regret"

PARKWAY DRIVE - Winston on Surfing Under the Golden Gate Bridge, Killswitch Engage, Shoey (VIDEO)

DECIDIA - Are Back With New Video For Ghostemane's Cover "Rake"

MOUNTAIN FIRES - Reveal Video For New Single "Listener"

WIDOWMAKER - Stream New Single "Agony"

THE TAKE - Drop New Video "Revolution Now"

METALLICA - Release Live Footage "Seek & Destroy" From Slane Castle - Meath, Ireland - June 8, 2019

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HOMESAFE - Release new Single/Video "Without Warning"

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IMPERICON NEVER SAY DIE! TOUR 2019 - Line Up Is Announced

OCEANS OVER EARTH - Drop New Single "Masquerade"

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