KOSM - Stream New EP "Eyes On The Inside"

Vancouver’s KOSM are ready to plunge listeners into the dark universe of Bloodborne with their new EP “Eyes On The Inside” out today Friday, June 28, 2019.

This dark and agile record shows that KOSM has matured in sound since releasing their 2018 Lovecraftian inspired debut album "Cosmonaut" and is the first release that features all members of the band contributing to the writing process. The band tells about the motivation for writing this album:

“We really set out to give people what they were asking of us, we all feel it’s going to be received incredibly well. On top of that, this is 100% for all the Bloodborne fans that trolled us into oblivion last year, so we hope that they love it just as much as the fans of progressive metal do! It’s heavier, trickier, and more concise with obvious nods to our biggest influences including Tool, Mastodon and Gojira.”

Quoting that they spent less time on this release than the previous one, KOSM feels like this is their strongest material to date focusing on the lore of the Bloodborne game and toying with their musicianship to create a five-track record that is heavier and more sonically detailed than earlier material.

Both progressive metal and Bloodborne fans alike will find a special place in their hearts and ears for “Eyes On The Inside”.

The EP is available on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music as of June 28th.

Upcoming Show Dates:
June 29-30 - Lone Butte, BC - Lone Butte Community Hall (Metalocalypstick Fest)
July 6 - Calgary, AB - Border Crossing (Decimate MetalFest)

Track Listing:

1. Yharnam (5:25)
2. Clocktower (5:12)
3. A Call Beyond (4:16)
4. Old Blood (6:58)
5. Eyes On The Inside (4:56)
EP Length: 26:49