BRUTAL ASSAULT 2019 - Here Is Lineup for Tuesday's Warm-Up Party!

Before BA will announce the detailed festival and warm-up party schedule, tehy bring us warm-up party lineup. The main event couldn't possibly be more suitable for frolic of epic proportions. Leo Moracchioli and his Frog Leap Studios will bring a set of creative metalized covers of popular hits that sell out arenas and warm you up with party vibe. This will be a different set from the other one, perfomed later during the festival proper. Leo has all the aces up his sleeve including Lady Gaga, Abba, Prodigy, Adele, Gorillaz, Rihanna, Michael Jackson or Pantera, come to enjoy laid-back atmosphere of the gig and you will be served generous amounts of great tunes and positive energy. Another name on the Tuesday bill are Nailed to Obscurity. This German outfit will pull you in with their captivating death/doom melodies. The remaining names will represent the local scene. We will have melodic death/grind mincer and one of the longest running veterans of the local scene Fleshless Official, progressive Slovakian death metal Morna, atmospheric ambient black metal of Aeon Winds also from Slovakia and modern core/metal compound from VICTIMS who will showcase their upcoming debut album.

The warm-up will take place in the festival area on the tent stage from 17 PM. The festival area will be open from 14 PM.

We strongly recommend everyone to use FULFILLMENT (shipping of wristbands to your mailbox) or to arrive early in order to avoid queues. Given the fact that the warm-up will also be in the cashless mode as the festival itself, it's safe to assume arriving with a TOPPED-UP wristband will save you a lot of time and enable you to straight go and start enjoying yourself.

WARM-UP PARTY - Tuesday 6th August
Festival area open from 14 PM

17:00-17:35 VICTIMS
18:00-18:35 AEON WINDS
19:00-19:35 MORNA
20:00-20:40 FLESHLESS
22:10-23:00 FROG LEAP

Be sure to grab your tickets fast if you still haven't, because the festival is likely to be sold out! 95% are sold till now! Tickets: