On Wednesday, October 3rd, we had another awesome night in Vienna, this time around, downtown in Szene club, where we went to check out 4 great bands.


The doors of the club opened at 18.00 and we arrived there just in time to catch Enterprise Earth. An American band from Washington, formed by Dan Watson, former Infant Annihilator vocalist, and guitarist BJ Sampson of Takeover. Their latest studio album Embodiment was released last year. The hall was still quite empty when they started and filled up during the gig. With songs like: Cruciform, Mortem Incarnatum, Father Of Abortion...some of the enthusiasts already started to mosh and jump around. A great band to start the night of deathcore ahead.


Texas hardcore band Kublai Khan was up next. A year has passed since their third studio album Nomad was released, with which they made an immensely big leap in growing as a band. They play with real passion, which was returned to them with the same amount, by the crowed below the stage. People started to go crazy, moshing, had-banging to the awesome songs, like: The Hammer, B.C, 8 Years, Salt Water, Hunger, and others.


Next up was Oceano. This 4-piece band that is a part of the 1st wave of American Deathcore is always awesome to see live. The usual double bass, chugging guitars, breakdowns are in some songs presented with more melody, especially in recent releases. The raw, intense music that they are creating is accompanied by the inspirational lyrics, that are all about making people aware of the problems of the world, the pain of the earth and the acknowledgement of life beyond our planet. Through songs like: Path to Extinction, Human Harvest, Dead Planet, Dawn of Descent, District of Misery, The Taken, Weaponized, they are trying to push the messages that are being overlooked and even intentionally ignored by the society, they are trying to make people more aware through this lyrics. The crowed bellow was participating in every song, responding to the bands performance in every way. Their shows really are a grounded, full of passion, all together a spiritual experience, and can't wait to catch them on a gig again soon.


At last, it was time for the headliners of the night to do their thing. This has been the fifth time we saw Chelsea Grin perform. Also one of the first American deathcore bands, and I can say that they played with the passion that they always do. Their 10 year career has produced 5 albums, 2 eps and quite a few replacements of band members both on vocals and all the instruments. We heard a lot of the new material from their latest record: Eternal Nightmare and also some of the older pieces. I was hoping to hear some more songs from my favourite 2014 record "Ashes to Ashes", but nevertheless i totally enjoyed the performance and the crowed around me was fully participating. People were having such fun crowd surfing, moshing and even a few walls of death were thrown in the mix.

This was a night to remember!