THE SILVERBLACK - Drop Sexy Hot Video "Rain On A Wedding Day"

The third album is usually a career-defining one and knowing this The Silverblack focused all their efforts into shaping what can be considered a majestic piece of melancholic industrial-metal art.

There's an eerie sense of oppression and resignation cloaking every song of this monumental new album, adequately entitled "Rain On A Wedding Day", starting from the opener "Stillborn", a disenchanted portrait of the frailty of the human condition, the somber industrial goth of "Disappear"or the solemn funeral march of "Martyr", a forelorn anthem that closes what can be considered THE SILVERBLACK at their darkest so far. 

There's place of course for the usual industrial-metal ragers THE SILVERBLACK are known for, like the payback hymn "Smoke And Mirrors", the electro hammer of "Rebel Avant-Garde" or the chant to the end of days represented by "Your World Is Gonna Burn". The lyrics for the title track have been written the exact day the news of David Bowie's passing was given and while being musically influenced by a distinctive 80's pop rock mood it represents an homage to the concept of living life on your own terms.

The vocal textures are as usual extremely multi-layered, going from deep goth voices to extremely irate death metal shouts, while the lyrical themes deal about negativity, decadence, anger and the complete loss of hope, representing a faithful mirror of the times in which we are living.