GENTLEMEN - Stream New EP "Fractal Cage"

Deathcore project Gentlemen is streaming below their new EP "Fractal Cage".

Gentlemen is a Deathcore project featuring Louis Snyder, Guitarist of Riparian and Christopher Cronce, Vocalist of :48 After.

The duo met in 2010 when Chris auditioned for an old musical project of Louis's that was seeking a new vocalist. Shortly after the auditions, that old band broke up over issues surrounding creative control. Louis was looking to push his art beyond the boundaries set by the old band's genre, and so Chris and Louis went on to form Gentlemen.

Gentlemen's music was composed by Louis in the early 2010's with influences from bands such as Between the Buired and Me, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Flesh God Apocalypse.

Lyrics and vocals were written and performed by Christopher, exploring a variety of topics ranging from existential fear, patriarchal oppression, finding meaning in serving others with a reckless abandon, pain in unfinished art/projects, guilt and forgiveness.

Every cent donated to purchase this album will be further donated to Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh.

Gentlemen's album "Fractal Cage," was recorded in 2013-14, and mixed/mastered in 2021.