MEMORIAL STATE - Share Video For New Single "Empty Space"

Based in Porto, Alternative punk/emo band Memorial State is made up of friends Leo DaCosta, Vinicius Buenaventura, and Gui Toledo. The band released a music video for their new single "Empty Space".

The song’s defining atmosphere was inspired by the search for acceptance of the new generation in a world full of promises and deceptions. The lyrics imprint the energy and spirit of the early 00’s emo and punk rock scene and its overall composition evokes bands like Citizen, Basement, and Title Fight. Memorial State's multiple influences give the single several layers, delivering a strong and energetic song.

Following in the footsteps of the band’s 2021 single “Hard to Believe”, (labeled “a song that brings an atmosphere that crosses the challenges of existence” by LOUD!), “Empty Space” is a song to be heard with the heart and mind, charging forward with fury and nostalgia.

The main melodic line winds through the verses and the pre-chorus, ensuring that it’s stuck in the audience’s head before the powerful chorus even arrives. Slick production and a reverb-drenched chorus with a signature vocal tone make this the perfect song for cruising under city lights at night or to take a hike in the woods. As befitting a song named “Empty Space” the lyrics tell a story about a couple that has nothing left besides the memory of what they were before, always reaching to those attachment feelings we all have inside our hearts. “The song essentially tells the story of trying to reconnect with someone already knowing you won’t be able to do it, and realizing you’re both no longer the same people you had been,” says Leo DaCosta (vocals/guitar). “We always know, deep inside, but we don’t want to accept it.”

Memorial State’s single, “Empty Space” captures this theme musically by translating heavy guitars with the brand vocals to expose all the contrast you can have in these situations.