ROYAL HEARTS - Reveal Video For New Single "These Words Have Weight"

Metalcore outfit, Royal Hearts have released a brand new single and music video "These Words Have Weight".

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The band commented:

"These Words Have Weight," is the four of us growing as a group and further trying to create an identity that not only connects to our audience but represents each of us individually. We really looked at everything on our EP "Within Reach," and realized what worked and what did not work in the song writing and took those notes and ideas and turned them into this new single. Lyrically driven, the song is very honest and open about understanding accountability in a way that, though I thought I had, I had not before. Musically, we've added more depth in the guitar and bass work as well as focused in on the dual singer approach in a complimentary way between myself (Ryan) and drummer Mike

South Florida Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band. With catchy hooks, driving guitars and moving drums, we take influence from the mainstays of 00s Metalcore and Post-Hardcore scene and bring them up to speed for current listeners.