GLASS HELIX - Release New Single "Incorrigible"

Unsigned and independent Nu Metal band from Colorado Springs, GLASS HELIXX, have released a new single "Incorrigible".
As glass is fragile, and the helix can be said to represent DNA - LIFE, Glass Helix takes its cues from the fact that life is fragile, and we shouldn't waste our precious time while we have it.
Glass Helix's music hits hard while keeping a beautiful sense of melody, incorporating riffs, that stick in your head and you'll be humming the next day.

The band, originated in Colorado Springs, spawned at the beginning of 2019, with the idea of bringing something special to the area.
Guitarist Matthew King recruited vocalist Thomas Hammerl and together they began the writing process.
Soon, drummer Matthew Olsen added his technical plummeting to the mix, and bassist Tom Davis rounded out the band with a solid groove.

Glass Helix is ready to share its music with the world!