PRESS TO MECO - Announce Delay Of Their Upcoming Studio Album "Transmute"

Press to MECO returned with a bang in March announcing their upcoming studio album "Transmute" alongside single "Another Day" and later "Smouldering Sticks" . However, due to manufacturing delays the band have made the decision to delay the record to avoid any delays in pre-orders to avoid fans missing out. "Transmute" will now be released on August 20th.

“With everything going on right now, things are moving way more slowly than we had hoped. To top it off, we’ve heard today that there are further delays on the delivery of the vinyl. We want to have everything in order and to be able to deliver you guys the full package, so we’ve had to push the album back by just a little bit. So here we go. Transmute will now be released on the 20th of August 2021.There will be lots of content on the lead up to the release, and maybe even a show announcement or two. Stay safe, see you soon”.

Pre-order 'Transmute' here:

"Transmute" Tracklisting:

1. Transmute 
2. Another Day 
3. Smouldering Sticks 
4. A Test Of Our Resolve 
5. Baby Steps 
6. Sabotage 
7. Overdue 
8. Lead 
9. Rusty Nails 
10. Gold 
11. Interlude 
12. Way To Know 
13. Hesitation