NEVER LOVED - Shares New Single "Autumn”; Debut Album "Over It" Out May 14th via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records

After years of teasing, alternative rock band Never Loved is giving fans what they want. The band has finally shared “Autumn”. “Autumn” is the second single from Never Loved’s highly anticipated debut album "Over It", out May 14th via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records. For more information or to pre-order "Over It", please visit:

“’Autumn’ was actually the first Never Loved song ever written and also one of the first songs I ever wrote that I sang on” recalls frontman Cameron Knopp. “I recorded it with Squire in 2017 before we had a band name and it was originally supposed to be on our self-titled ep, but we decided to save it for a full length. I wrote it while experiencing all of the emotions of a heartbreak. It’s a song I’m excited for everyone to hear since it’s a different side of Never Loved".

Never Loved formed when long-term friends, Cameron Knopp (vocals, guitar) and Jay Gayoso (bass), took matters into their own hands and aimed to create music that spoke directly to people. Shane O’Brien (guitar) later joined the duo to officially form the three-piece group. The band released their debut self-titled EP and received great response to their alternative rock vibe, which hints to the members’ grunge and pop influences. Riding the wave of positive feedback, Never Loved is now preparing to release their debut full-length album, ​"Over It"​.

This past year has brought many exciting moments for the group - an increasing fanbase, a future tour with Armor For Sleep, and the upcoming release of ​their new record​. While quarantine was not in the plan, it did give Never Loved more time to work on new songs and further hone in on their sound. The group paired with friend and producer, Matt Squire, to flesh out ideas and bring these songs to life.

Working with Squire and taking time off between sessions helped bridge creative gaps that the album longed for. The guys experimented with creating different sequences and interludes, while simultaneously making sure the album flowed. Each song on the record is unique, but they all stay true to the alternative rock sound that fans have come to love.

The debut of ​"Over It​" will kick off an exciting period in Never Loved’s career. These emotional, raw songs will captivate listeners and create a community within their music. According to the guys: “life is going to throw a lot of sh*t at you, but it’s about making the best of it. You’ll get past it, keep trying":

Over It, the debut full-length record from Never Loved, is set to be released on May 14th via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records. For more information or to pre-order the record, please visit:

"Over It" Tracklisting: 

1. Over It 
2. On & On It Goes 
3. Sorry 
4. Hope I'm... ok! 
5. Disappear 
6. Autumn 
7. Sunshine 
8. You're Killin' Me 
9. RMM 
10. Gasoline 
11. The One For Me 
12. Find Out 
13. Downpour