KILL THE IMPOSTER - Goes On A Violent Trip Down Memory Lane With Music Video “Dongan Hills”

Florida’s Deathcore act Kill The Imposter have a new single out “Dongan Hills” in support of their upcoming album “The Violence Sessions”. Those who have seen KTI live know that the band brings non-stop energy and that vocalist Johnny Nobody can be seen swinging from the rafters or jumping from bar to bar, but this vigor isn’t restrained to the live show, it can be felt on their recordings and in their music videos and this new single is no exception.

“Dongan Hills” is the second track off the pumping new album, it is named after a place in Staten Island, NY that Nobody would take a train to and try to escape life, but he’d always end up getting in more trouble.

The music video for “Dongan Hills” can be watched below!

“The Violence Sessions” are the third release from KTI, following 2019’s “The Decimation” and 2020's “A Strain Of Agony” EP. Reflecting back to earlier work, Nobody quotes about the band’s evolution:

“I think the four of us come from not insanely different places, but different enough that we had to create our own sound. I mean, we didn’t invent the wheel for sure, but I think me trying to put my NYHC roots in everything helped guide the boat a bit. So at the beginning very simple beat-down riffs moved to a now more guided route. I mean we had to figure out who we were and weren’t.”

KTI don’t half-ass anything, each song they write starts with a riff and gets hammered to precision until they can wait to play it in a set. According to them, “when we get those goosebumps listening back to demos - that’s when we know it's ready for the masses to enjoy.”

Angry and heavy, Kill The Imposter is recommended listening for fans of Bodysnatcher, Emmure, and Thy Art is Murder.

“The Violence Sessions” comes out on May 28, 2021. Singles available on Spotify and Apple Music.